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Handmade Leather Shoulder Bag


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5 - 7 days 0.00 DHL

  • - Weight: 540 grams / 1.2 lbs
  • - Bag: 9.8" H x 9.4" W x 5.5" D
  • - Bag: 25cm H x 24cm W x 14cm D
  • - Hand-loomed tapestry
  • - Drop length: 12" from strap to bag
  • - Made with pure leather
  • - Interior fabric of cotton
  • - Free shipping

This accessory for women was handmade by Ayacucho artisans, who evoke all their knowledge and traditions in each part of this leather shoulder bag. Making it, they used an Andean machine to sew the leather and a loom to weave the tapestry. All the process is laborious, and it is impossible to produce another bag equal. So, if you buy it, you will have a unique product.

How you can see, the combination of dark and light brown plus the color combinations of the tapestry give it elegance. This mixture yields a delicacy sensation and femininity.