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Peruvian Baby Alpaca Chullo Hat



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The chullo hat you see on this page was made thinking on really cold days. It was knitted to cover your head, part of your forehead and your ears, to provide maximum protection.

This chullo hat was hand-knitted in the Peruvian region of Huancayo. It was made of baby alpaca wool exclusively to ensure it be a really warm accessory for your head. In addition, baby alpaca chullos are really soft. If you could have this chullo in your hands now, you would think you are holding feathers.

  • - Weight: 72 grams / 0.16 lbs
  • - 100% baby alpaca wool
  • - Hand knit
  • - Made in Peru
  • - Soft: Ultra soft to the touch
  • - For women and men
  • - One size fits all
  • - Colors to choose from