100% Baby Alpaca Bust-buttoned Cardigan for Women (Clothing)

At last a feminine cardigan that is at the same warm, young-looking, modern and fine. It is made 100% of baby alpaca wool, which is the best alternative to cashmere you can find. As a matter of fact, baby alpaca it is the third finest natural fibre in the world, and here at Tinkuy, we do not mix it with others.

This product has a two cables in the front and chequered rib stitches all over the top area. This cardigan is the perfect companion for your everyday world. Take it to school, take it to work, do your daily or weekly shopping with it. Baby alpaca wool is very warm, so you will not suffer any cold; and buying a bust-buttoned cardigan has the bonus advantage of blocking curious eyes nicely —you know what I mean.

Do you like it, but you still think It could look better with a couple of arrangements here and there? No problem, contact Tinkuy tailored knitting service, and we will have our artisans weave one according to your requirements.

Handmade Bouclé Alpaca Sweater for Women (Clothing)

"The devil is in the details," reads the saying, and bouclé alpaca proves that. Few people look for or buy bouclé alpaca winter clothing, so this is a great option if you are looking for something unique without paying a fortune for it.

Bouclé alpaca is the same wool, but with a slightly different processing. It includes a small percentage of polyamide (between 10% and 12%) to give the different look you are seeing in the photograph. The result catches the eye instantly. It looks very feminine without losing the warm comfortable feeling this natural wool gives. If you had this sweater in your hands now, you would feel is soft and heavy just like any other alpaca wool jumper. The look, however, is absolutely different… the bouclé alpaca makes it look exclusive.

As for the knitting, this product uses classic stitches with slight bas-relief stitches that both provide consistency and prevent the jumper from wearing out too fast. Tinkuy products are made to last in the Peruvian Andes. You can buy it as it is now, or request a tailored designed product on this page.

Handmade Twisted Cable Baby Alpaca Sweater for Women (Clothing)

Here you have a refined baby alpaca sweater for women that mixes knitting styles gloriously. On the top, you have classic stitches with a few ribs that highlight the way to the neck; next comes a crown of bulky double cable patterns, which provide elegance; and below that, the rest of the sweater is made of twisted cable patterns. The result? The extraordinary beauty of the jumper you see on the photo-graphs.

As if that weren't enough, we are talking about a hand-knit baby alpaca sweater here. Baby alpaca is one of the finest natural fibres available in the world —almost as fine as cashmere in the opinion of many specialists—, and the fact it was handmade makes this sweater priceless.

Buy it before they run out, and don't forget you can request a customized variant using our tailored service.

Hip-long 100% Baby Alpaca Cardigan (Clothing)

If you had it in your hands, you would find this long cardigan kind of heavy. That's the beauty of selling handmade 100% baby alpaca wool in our products: artisans do not spare. You get the best every time.

This hip-long cardigan was knitted using wide rib stitches along with slight arrow-shaped lace marks. We placed standard buttons on this one, but you may also order it using wooden, metal or horn-rimmed buttons using our tailored knitting service.

Baby alpaca wool fibres stick together, so this sweater will help you get and stay warm while you wear it. Baby alpaca is known for being one of the finest wools in the planet, so buy it knowing you are getting a luxury garment for a fraction of the cost.

Lace Baby Alpaca Sweater for Women (Clothing)

The product you are seeing here is a handmade baby alpaca sweater for women. It is quite likely the casual sweater you were planning to buy, and it has slight lace stitches all over the design to make it look more classy and feminine.

The sweater was made using only Peruvian baby alpaca wool. Did you know we only sell handmade sweaters in our store? Certainly, that makes this product even more valuable. First, you click and buy this product, then you send us your sizes in the confirmation e-mail, and soon you will be receiving a lace baby alpaca sweater that was hand-knit just for you.

What is baby alpaca like? How I wish you could have this product in your hands now. You would feel it consistent and soft, made to keep its owner really warm, because baby alpaca wool is really warming. If you could try it on, you would feel what wearing clouds would feel like.

Long 100% Baby Alpaca Cardigan Coat (Clothing)

This is one of our basic coats. It is a long baby alpaca wool cardigan coat with metallic buttons, hand-knit with diamond patterns in the Peruvian Andes.

If you could have it in your hands now, you would feel it soft but solid. As it is baby alpaca wool (guaranteed) it won't "itch" or cause any other kind of discomfort. The very opposite, you may find this coat is one of the softest and most comfortable winter clothes you have ever tried on. That's exactly what baby alpaca wool offers its users.

At Tinkuy we can guarantee you this coat is made 100% of baby alpaca wool. We know the artisans in person. Further, you can ask them to weave a specific alpaca coat for you by using our tailored alpaca knitting service.

Long Woven Baby Alpaca Cardigan (Clothing)

Alpaca coats are fine, but when we talk about handmade coats or cardigans, their baby alpaca peers are much better. This long baby alpaca cardigan is the perfect proof of this statement. It is made of 100% Peruvian baby alpaca wool, knitted with cable and fisherman's rib stitches. If you could have it in your hands you would feel it soft as a cloud yet solid —even heavy. Needless to say you would find it beautiful too.

When you wear this long cardigan, cold goes (and stays!) away. Wool helps alpacas survive the cold of the Andes, so imagine what it can do for you during a cold winter evening. Baby alpaca is a fine natural fibre. Just give it the proper care, and it will stand the test of time in your closet.

At Tinkuy we guarantee you this product does not mix baby alpaca wool with any other fibre. We work straight with the artisans without middlemen. Thus, if you ever wish to buy a long cardigan with certain specifications, please use our tailored knitting service.

Peruvian Baby Alpaca Sweater for Women (Clothing)

This sweater is made 100% of baby alpaca wool. That means it will be soft, warm and consistent. Baby alpaca clothes are very soft at touch, so get ready to be surprised when it arrives home. Some of our previous clients have said it was the softest sweater they have had in their hands in their whole lives.

(And we are looking forward to reading you thought the same, of course.)

As for the design, the first thing you must know is that it was handmade. The artisan chose to combine knitting stitches, so she applied ribs on the sides, honeycomb in the front and back, and a couple of cables to supplement the jumper. In addition, she added a turtle-neck so you could wear it even in the coldest days of winter.

It is a Peruvian baby alpaca product. That makes it a great choice.

Tear Drop Baby Alpaca Jumper for Women (Clothing)

We call this sweater "tear drop" because that is the name of one of the patterns it features. The other pattern is a variant of the zigzaw lace, which the artisan gracefully combined to give this jumper the refined look you see on this photo.

Purchasing this alpaca sweater means getting a luxury item at a fraction of the cost. Alpaca wool is soft, comfortable and anti-allergenic; and this jumper is made of its most luxurious variation: baby alpaca wool only.

As if that weren't enough, it is a handmade sweater. Anyone in your area will know where you got it from. You would have to search a lot to find someone else wearing this jumper on your favourite social network. Just give it the proper care, and it will last for years.

Top-buttoned Baby Alpaca Sweater for Women (Clothing)

Here you have a sweater that is buttoned on the top side, helping you keep warm your chest, the zone of your body that is usually neglected by most other women clothing. Check the photograph again and you will agree with us that this sweater looks warm and elegant. You can combine it with any blouse you want and with any skirt or trousers.

If you had this sweater in your hands now, you would notice the difference between baby alpaca (the wool this sweater is made of) and other natural fibres. You would find it really, really soft; but you would also find it consistent, actually slightly heavy. This is because baby alpaca wool's fibres close tightly between one another, making this sweater very warming.

This natural wool sweater was made to last. With the proper care, it is going to be with you for years. All you need to do is to buy it and send us your sizes in the confirmation e-mail. As a result, you will get a nice top-buttoned baby alpaca sweater that was handmade just for you. This is what is making Tinkuy famous.

V-Neck 100% Baby Alpaca Cardigan (Clothing)

If you could touch this cardigan right from your screen (how we wish you could!), you would be feeling a soft (but heavy!) cardigan made 100% of baby alpaca wool in the Peruvian Andes.

The design includes thick cable patterns along the chest and the arms to make this cardigan elegant, but still suitable for everyday use. The one you can see here has wooden buttons, but you may also order one using metal, horn-rimmed or plastic buttons using our tailored cardigan knitting service.

Baby alpaca wool is really fine, making this cardigan a great option for a gift. It is suitable for everybody, although we suggest it for adults over thirty-five years old.