Chained Fingerless Baby Alpaca Gloves for Women (Clothing)

These gloves are a great option. They are nice and elegant, charming without losing a bit of comfort, casual and made only of baby alpaca wool. Baby alpaca is renown for being extremely soft and very warm. After all, alpacas live in the heights of the Andes mountains, so they are used to the cold temperatures you can find over there.

These gloves are slightly longer than usual to prevent cold from sneaking into your forearms. You can stay really warm with them. They were designed using a chained pattern, and not by a machine —they are handmade! As we work directly with the artisans that knit them, you may request them in any colour you like, or even ask for a customized pair of gloves using our tailored knitting service.

Double Cable Baby Alpaca Gloves with Beads (Clothing)

Here a nice pair of baby alpaca gloves made in Peru with baby alpaca wool. These gloves are handmade, so rest assured there is only baby alpaca wool in this pair. As a matter of fact, artisans like to work them that way because they believe that mixing wools goes against the quality of their products.

They are right. Alpaca is one of the finest natural animal fibres available. It is soft, warm and consistent. If you could have these gloves in your hands now, you probably you wouldn't believe yourself. They feel like touching a cloud, and they feel really warm in your hands.

The pair you see here was hand-knit using a double cable knitting style, and it includes small beads on top to make it look more feminine. It is a great option. Make it yours.

Double Cable Fingerless Baby Alpaca Gloves (Clothing)

What you can see here is a pair of baby alpaca gloves. Baby alpaca is renown for its softness, but let me tell you something about that: its softness is beyond what you can imagine. Wearing these would feel like wearing clouds in your hands.

Now, don't think that because they are soft, baby alpaca gloves will not warm you enough. Alpacas are used to wandering in the cold heights of the Andes mountains, so rest assured their wool will be more than enough for your own winter.

To end, let me tell you why the pair of gloves you see here are so special. It is because they were handmade. In times in which almost everything is produced by a machine, learning that someone spent his or her time and love to produce something that will be special for someone else has a value any store offer could equal. These gloves are yours.

Embossed Fingerless Baby Alpaca Gloves for Women (Clothing)

Here a pair of baby alpaca gloves that will suit you well. They are made of baby alpaca wool, so they will be soft as feathers when you wear them (don't believe us —try them!) and very warm (after all, our alpacas live in very cold areas of the Peruvian Andes, so they know how to handle cold weather). The design is not too elaborate so it can fit any situation, and it still has some embossed lines to give it some expression.

(If you were near the Andean town in which these gloves were hand-knit, artisans would explain you the embossed lines represent the mountains that surround them. Yes, they have a meaning!).

These gloves are made of the fine baby alpaca wool, fingerless, warm, comfortable and, as if that weren't enough, they were handmade too with a cultural meaning. I love them! I am sure you love them too.

Fingerless Baby Alpaca Gloves for Women (Clothing)

What you can see on this page is a nice combination of tradition and modernity. These fingerless gloves are comfortable enough for everyday activities, but they were hand-knit taking into account a design that reminds the fashion of the 1920s.

The wool is 100% baby alpaca. This means that these fingerless gloves will be very warm in your hands (alpacas are used to wandering at the freezing temperatures of the Peruvian Andes mountains). They will be soft too. Those who buy baby alpaca accessories for the first time often end up wondering how can this fibre be so soft. That is because baby alpaca is really fine and consistent.

The design is feminine, as you may see. It combines the fisherman's rib with cable patterns along the glove softly, so the product will look delicate but sophisticated.

Fingerless Twisted Cable Baby Alpaca Gloves (Clothing)

Here you have an example of how nice it is to wear baby alpaca. If you had these gloves in your hands now for the first time, you would be probably wondering how come wool can be this soft, as if it were some kind of magic. Fortunately, there is no magic. Baby alpaca is this soft all the time. You just didn't know it yet.

Softness equals warmth too. Alpacas are used to live in really cold areas, so their wool is ready to resist that weather. These gloves are hand-knit, so you will be wearing a luxury product without paying a fortune for it. As if that weren't enough, we can offer you these gloves as they are, or the possibility of asking the artisan any customization you like through our tailored knitting program.

Handmade Twisted Baby Alpaca Gloves (Clothing)

These fingerless baby alpaca gloves are perfect for you. Baby alpaca wool is known for being quite protective against cold, so this pair is perfect; and being fingerless, they won't stand between your hands and your mobile (or anything else!).

They were made in Peru, in the Andes mountains. They were handmade with a twisted cable knitting style to make them look unique and feminine. You have a few colours to choose, and you can request customizations using Tinkuy's tailored knitting service.

What more can you ask for? Baby alpaca are refined gloves: Soft as feathers, really warm, and beautiful.

Ribbed Fingerless Baby Alpaca Gloves (Clothing)

Here you have a pair of fingerless baby alpaca gloves that every woman could buy (yet most will not). The design is basic (rib stitches with a few diamonds in a different colour) so you can combine it with any winter attire you have in mind. In addition, they are slightly long to prevent cold from getting in through your forearms.

Baby alpaca wool is more than soft, it might be the softest natural fibre you will touch in your life. It is quite warm too. Alpacas are used to the temperatures of the Peruvian Andes mountains, and their wool is ready for that challenge. These gloves will be too.

This is the pair of fine and charming fingerless gloves you were looking for. All you need to do is to order them.

Ribbed Irish Moss Baby Peruvian Alpaca Gloves (Clothing)

We call these gloves Irish Moss because they were made with a variant of the knitting stitch of the same name. They are ribbed too, you just need to see them from a diagonal to notice. In short, this is a nice and elaborate pair of gloves.

In addition, they are handmade. These gloves were hand-knit by artisans in the Peruvian Andes, in South America. They are made (only) of baby alpaca wool, which is the finest variant of alpaca available; and they are really warm, a great option for your hands.

We sell gloves that are both fingerless and longer than usual. We sell them fingerless so they will not stop you from using your mobile or drive. We sell them longer than usual to prevent cold from sneaking into your forearms, so you can feel really warm all day and night.

Sand-style Baby Alpaca Gloves for Women (Clothing)

Here a pair of long, feminine baby alpaca gloves we suggest for women who like to draw attention to their hands. In this pair, artisans chose the sand knitting style to give these gloves a bold look we love and you will love too. They are slightly longer than usual to help prevent cold from sneaking through your forearms.

These gloves are made 100% of baby alpaca wool. Baby alpaca has two properties: it is really soft, like feathers, and very warm. Alpacas are used to living over 3500 m.a.s.l. in the Peruvian Andes mountains, so they are prepared to face really cold days. Buying these gloves, you will be too.

Let me add two more details you will love knowing. The first one is that these gloves are handmade. The second one is that we are in close contact with the artisans who manufacture them so we can offer you a tailored knitting service in case you want something slightly different.

Twisted Cable Baby Alpaca Gloves for Women (Clothing)

The gloves you can see on this page are hand-knit, made of really soft baby alpaca wool, and very warm. Their design uses ribs in the bottom part and cables with a light twist on the back of the hand. It is also longer than usual to prevent cold from sneaking to your forearm during those cold winter days.

These products are made exclusively of baby alpaca wool. They are handmade in the Peruvian Andes mountains using traditional process that respects both the animals and the environment. You will just love them!

Like every other handmade product, talking with the craftsmen we can provide you with a pair of gloves customized to your liking. Just visit our page of tailored products if you are looking for something made just for you.

Twisted Cable Fingerless Gloves for Women (Clothing)

Fingerless gloves there are hundreds, but most of them are made in a factory with little love or human intervention. These gloves are different. They were handmade in Peru with one of the finest wools available in the world: baby alpaca.

Look at them. There is no way a machine can achieve that result.

Baby alpaca is among the top natural fibres in the world. It is soft at touch (like a cloud, some people say) but really, really warm. Alpacas are used to the cold temperatures of the Peruvian Andes moun-tains, so their wool is good even in the toughest winter days.

You will not regret buying these gloves. If they are not exactly what you were looking for, then take a look at Tinkuy's tailored knitting service.

Yarn-Over Cable Handmade Baby Alpaca Gloves (Clothing)

On this page you can see a pair of baby alpaca gloves that are really warm for women. Despite being a fingerless option, they are made of baby alpaca, which guarantees they will keep your hands warm. After all, baby alpaca wool is renown for being one of the warmest in the planet.

The ones you see here are handmade. They were hand-knit using the yarn-over cable knitting style (that's why we gave them this name) and they are intentionally longer than usual so they can prevent cold from sneaking into your forearms. Its fingerless design make this pair of alpaca gloves convenient too. Your fingers will always be free to operate your mobile or any other activity.

Definitely, they are a great option for your hands.