Baby Alpaca Beanie for Women (Clothing)

If you are on this page it is to find a beanie. Well, let me suggest you to stop looking. Winter is coming, and you need a winter hat that will effectively cover your head from the freezing temperatures of the coldest winter days.

Why this one? Because it is made of baby alpaca wool, one of the warmest natural fibres available in the world. This beanie will not only look great on your head but also prove that you appreciate good clothes and accessories wherever you go. Add to that baby alpaca is soft and warm and soon your friends will be asking you where did you get your winter hat.

As if that weren't enough, take a look at its design. This beanie was handmade in the Peruvian Andes mountains. It has normal stitches and chains graciously combined to give this hat a quite feminine casual look. This is a beanie you can use every day.

  • 100% baby alpaca wool.
  • Eco friendly cloth.
  • Handmade production.
  • Feminine casual look.
Baby Alpaca Beanie Hat with Pompom for Woman (Clothing)

The pompom beanie hat you see on this page is the kind of beanie you could wear every day. Its design is basic but that's the point: there is no need to be pompous to look nice as a woman. Its ribs, colour combination, and mainly its pompom make this beanie the girly accessory every lady needs in her closet.

If you had it in your hands now, you would be feeling an unfamiliar sensation. Baby alpaca wool is certainly one of the softest wools available in the world. It is like touching a cloud. Baby alpaca is one of the most warming wools as well, so you would feel this beanie consistent, solid, even slightly heavy. You will love the idea.

What's best is that Tinkuy products are 100% baby alpaca wool, guaranteed.

Baby Alpaca Beret for Women (Clothing)

Winter clothes may not sound as fun, but you can still look great with them. Take a look at this beret, for example. The design is nice, very feminine, and still something you can wear every day if you wish.

If I told you it is made 100% of baby alpaca wool, one of the finest and more warming natural fibres in America, I am sure you would agree with me it sounds much better. Baby alpaca is the closest you can get to buying luxury items without spending a fortune. Its wool is greatly appreciated, and those who know it will notice your good taste.

The beret you see here was handmade by women in the Peruvian Andes mountains by the way.

Baby Alpaca Chullo With Earflaps (Clothing)

Looking for a chullo hat? Tell me what do you think about this baby alpaca wool chullo made in Peru after I tell you a few details:

First things first, this chullo was made 100% of baby alpaca wool. Add to that this product was hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes mountains, and you will agree with me we could start considering this a luxury chullo hat (despite the fact the price we ask is not really high).

Let's add to that that it is soft as a feather. If you could have it in your hands now, you wouldn't believe what you would be feeling. Baby alpaca is soft and consistent at the same time. Soft at touch, but heavy enough to know that this will keep your head warm no matter how cold is outside.

Lastly, let's talk about the design. This chullo hat uses a delicate mix of stitches to make it look feminine, and the earflaps even helps it look a bit girly. So go ahead, buy it and start thinking on how you are going to combine it when you go to study or work.

  • 100% baby alpaca wool.
  • Ecofriendly cloth.
  • Handmade production.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors.
Baby Alpaca Winter Cap (Clothing)

The winter cap you see here is not like every other winter cap you may have seen on the Internet these days. There are three things that make this cap a must in your closet, in our opinion:

The first one is that this winter cap is made of natural wool. In times in which way too many winter clothes are made of plastic, wearing natural wools make you stand out.

The second is that this product is made of baby alpaca. Baby alpaca is soft as a feather and consistent and warm and comfortable and a few other adjectives, all at the same time.

Third and last, the price is just right. Taking into account this product was hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes, the price is very close to perfect. There is no reason not to buy it.

  • 100% baby alpaca wool.
  • Eco friendly cloth.
  • Handmade cap.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors.
Chained Baby Alpaca Beanie for Women (Clothing)

What you see here is a baby alpaca wool beanie that was handmade in the Peruvian Andes. Its design includes very feminine chain designs, and, as it was hand-knit, you can buy this knowing it will be extremely difficult to see another girl wearing something like this.

Baby alpaca wool is really fine. Its softness will astonish you. Its consistency will make you ask yourself why didn't you buy it before. Alpaca is considered the third finest wool in the planet, after cashmere and vicuña. So buying this piece would be like buying a luxury item at a fraction of the cost.

Faux Leather Cowboy Hat (Accessories)

What you can see on this page is a faux leather hat made with Peruvian motifs. It is faux leather, so rest assured it will stand the test of time. The cost is also lower compared to a genuine leather hat, so it will help you save money.

Like every other cowboy hat, the ones we sell have wide brim, slight taper and a nice belt. The front of the hat is adorned with a nice design of a traditional Peruvian horse rider called "chalán", one of the most elegant expressions of viceroyal Peruvian traditions.

Genuine Leather Cowboy Hat (Accessories)

Cowboy hats there may be many, but few of this quality. The one you see on your screen is made of genuine calfskin leather, properly tanned in the traditional way, and made exactly as a genuine leather cowboy hat needs to be: with a simple crown, slight taper, wide brim, and a nice belt made in leather as well.

If it is a matter of wearing a hat, then you should go for the best hat you can get. Using genuine leather keeps your head fresh, your look more classy, and what's best: people notice your good taste.

As this is a natural product, we cannot guarantee all out hats will look the same. Therefore, Tinkuy guarantees you that you will see a photo of the product before we ship it to you.

Huanca Hat - a Bowler for Women with a Nice Andean Finish (Accessories)

Huanca are bowler hats for women. They are typical from the Andes, and they are an important part of the regional costume of Huancayo. You will recognize a Huanca for two things: on the one hand, because it is a perfect bowler hat; and on the other, because the border of the brim is adorned with Andean cloth. In addition, Huanca hats tend to use a quite large band, usually made of the same Andean cloth.

The Huanca hats we sell here are made of 100% sheep wool felt. They are very easy to combine, so we strongly suggest you to buy at least two.

Peruvian Beanie - Handmade with Baby Alpaca Wool (Clothing)

What you are seeing is a different beanie hat. We would dare to say it is an almost luxurious winter beanie. Why? Because of three reasons: First, because this beanie was hand-knit. In times in which everything is manufactured serially and not seriously, finding a handmade product is hard and valuable. Next, because it is made of baby alpaca wool. Baby alpaca is one of the finest natural fibres in the world, and soft as a feather. Lastly, because it is useful. Baby alpaca is really warm compared to other winter clothes. Take into account that alpacas are used to wander in the really cold weathers of the Peruvian Andes, and you will understand why this hat is such a great option.

As for the design, it is a combination of honeycomb stitches and diamond patterns. It is casual, something you can wear everyday to go to work or school.

  • 100% baby alpaca wool.
  • Ecofriendly cloth.
  • Handmade production.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors.
Peruvian Chullo Hat with long Pompoms (Clothing)

Do you like what you see on the photograph? It is a hand-knit chullo hat with pompoms. Made only of baby alpaca wool, you can have this product delivered to your home just a few days after your order.

Let me tell you a few more details about it. I already mentioned it is made of baby alpaca wool, but let's talk about that in greater detail. Baby alpaca wool is one of the softest natural fibres in the planet. If you had this chullo in your hands now, you would be doubting whether you were holding a head accessory or a piece of a cloud. I'm not exaggerating. Baby alpaca wool is famous for that.

The design is nice too. In traditional Peru, using a chullo with pompoms was left for the most festive times of the year, so wear this and just feel festive all winter!

Peruvian Felt Hat (Accessories)

Felt hats are warming. They are great during autumn and winter days, and add variety to your wardrobe. They are easy to clean, comfortable, and —no brainer— nice!

Sticking to the tradition of the Peruvian Andes mountains, this felt hat is not very tall in the crown, and it has moderate taper, moderate brim, and a nice belt.

The ones we sell are of good quality. They are made of 100% sheep wool to resist a few pouring rains, but we still suggest you to be careful and choose another hat if the sky is obviously cloudy.

Popcorn-Style Wool Beret for Women (Clothing)

At last a winter cap that is at the same time warm, great-looking and high quality too. The one you see here is made 100% of baby alpaca wool, one of the finest natural fibres available in the world.

Why buy it? First of all because it looks great. Not many women out there will find and wear a beret of this style, so you can buy it being sure you will one of the very few who has this in her wardrobe.

Next, because it was handmade. This gives the product a special value. Further, if you want, you can write to us and request a special beret. We will ask our artisans to knit it for you.

Last but not least, because it is baby alpaca wool. After cashmere and vicuña, baby alpaca is the finest wool you will find out there.

As you may see, the result is beautiful. It looks very feminine, very modern and very casual at the same time.

Traditional Huancavelica Hat - Right from Peru (Accessories)

Huancavelica hats are a tradition in the southern Peruvian Andes. They are festive hats, made by festive people, for sunny women. In short, Huancavelica hats are bowler hats for women with raised brim on the sides and many small ornaments on top.

The one we sell is made of 100% sheep wool felt and bears plastic ornaments, so it is lightweight and made to last. Whether or not you have been to Peru (yet), this hat is a hat your friends will rarely have seen before, if ever! Be the first among your friends to combine it with a casual look.