Chain Cable Baby Alpaca Poncho for Women (Clothing)

What you see here is a beautiful and warm baby alpaca poncho for women. Baby alpaca wool is considered one of the finest natural fibres on earth, so we sincerely hope you are considering buying this. It would be a great miss if you didn't.

Let me tell you two details about this poncho that don't appear on the photographs. One of them is that the poncho is handmade —yes, you read that right: hand-knit. The other is that this poncho is very, very soft: 100% baby alpaca wool from the Peruvian Andes mountains. If you had it in your hands now, you would be asking yourself if you are not touching a cloud because it is that soft.

The design has chain cables and chopped ribs. It looks quite good, and you have some colors to choose from. Do you like it? Buy it! As soon as you get it at home you will notice that besides being soft, it is also consistent.

  • 100% baby alpaca fleece.
  • Eco friendly cloth.
Diamond Baby Alpaca Poncho for Women (Clothing)

This poncho is made 100% of baby alpaca wool. It you could have it in your hands now, you would feel it consistent, heavy, really warm. In turn —and this is the irony in baby alpaca wool that makes it so valuable—, you would find it soft, so soft that saying it is soft as feathers could even fall short.

The design has a few cables and twists on the front, and two slits on the sides so you can take out your arms comfortably. This poncho was hand-knit in Peru. Like all our products, the fact it is handmade makes it more valuable.

The best choice for you to buy it or to give it as a present.>/p>

  • 100% baby alpaca fleece.
  • Eco friendly cloth.
  • Two slits on the slides.
Handmade Ribbed and Cable Baby Alpaca Poncho (Clothing)

This poncho was manufactured by artisans in the Peruvian Andes, from here will ship your order, in few days( delivery time: 3-4 days).

In relation to the design, it looks elegant and sophisticated, is ribbed on top and has cables from the chest to bottom. Being 100% baby alpaca fleece, this poncho promises be soft at touch but really warming when you wear it.

There are many colors to choose. If you want to change any detail of the design, contact us and get this beautiful and magnificent poncho with your requirements.

Peruvian Baby Alpaca Poncho for Women (Clothing)

What you can see here is a poncho made only of baby alpaca wool. It was handmade in the Peruvian Andes, and we think you would agree that, in one word, it looks beautiful.

If you could have it in your hands now, you would feel it incredibly soft, like touching a cloud. It is more warming than your average jumper because baby alpaca fibres stick together naturally and provide better support for the cold weather. Specialists consider baby alpaca one of the finest natural wools in the world.

This design combines a series of stitches quite gracefully. On the top of the poncho, a few ribs draw attention to the chest, where a chain of cables wait for it. Below, a series of diamonds prepare the way to a lace finish on the bottom side. As you may see, this is a delicate combination of knitting styles, a refined product, and to make it more impressive, it is completely handmade.

  • Natural baby alpaca wool colors(not dyed).
Turtleneck Baby Alpaca Poncho for Women (Clothing)

Ponchos are usually round or V-neck, so I hope you are glad to be able to find (at last!) a turtleneck poncho to wear this winter.

The design is very feminine. It uses row cables and twists, elegantly distributed along the front and the back. Furthermore, is made of baby alpaca wool so it will keep you warm in winter and you will feel like you are wearing clouds.

  • 100% baby alpaca wool.
  • Watermelon & white combination.
  • Ask our tailored knitting service for adapting this poncho to your measurements.
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