Baby Alpaca Scarf (Clothing)

Scarves are basic during winter… and you will want a scarf that is warm, soft and comfortable as well —that is, that will not itch while you wear it. Baby alpaca scarves fulfil easily these requirements because its wool is anti-allergenic, warn and very consistent. Moreover, baby alpaca is considered among the finest in the world; and here we offer products that are made to stand the test of time.

The one you see here, for example, was hand-knit. We added a few pompoms in the edges so it could feel and look more Peruvian, but you can remove them easily in case you don't like them. You can request a scarf in any of the colours we have available, and with or without the pompoms. For more specific scarves, please contact us. As we work straight with the artisans, we can offer you a tailored baby alpaca scarf, if that is what you want.