Baby Alpaca Clothing and Accessories for Men
Men knit sweaters made with alpaca wool in Peruvian andes, that jumpers are 100% handmade
Hand Woven and made to meausure make it unique different
Men section of Peruvian hats such as chullos for men, baby alpaca hats to your winter style, hand knitted beanies and traditional Peruvian hats overall
AUTHENTIC kintting winter snow warm hat
Men mittens and fingerless gloves of baby alpaca wool designed especially for winter, that’s alpaca accessories, are hand-knitted in Peru
Big style, warm and comfortable collection made with natural fibers
Baby alpaca scarves for men, our artisan hand –woven that to winter season because alpaca wool is very warm, on this section there only knitted designs for him
Improve your style with exclusive designs and make the difference
Handcrafted bags for men with Peruvian stylish made with materials like leather, cloth and wool all has unique design that you do not find in other store
Discover last trend styles and indulge in premium craftsmanship
    100% Baby Alpaca Turtle-neck Jumper with Cable Design (Clothing)

    This design of this jumper is simple but it has good presence. It has ribs on the sides and a couple of open cable patterns in the front. The result, as you can see, is a nice pullover jumper you can wear every day.

    The devil is in the detail, though. When you buy this jumper, we give you the option of sending us your measurements so our artisans can make you a handmade jumper that was specifically made for you.

    Our jumpers are made 100% of baby alpaca wool, and we have them hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes mountains. If you had it in your hands now, you would find it consistent, heavier than you would have expected, yet soft as a could. All these details make this jumper a luxury item, but you won't pay the price expensive brands ask for.

    Baby Alpaca Cardigan for Men with Zipper (Clothing)

    Casual cardigans need not to have buttons. A zipper can be perfect too! So if you are looking for a nice, comfortable and warming sweater, take a good look at this one.

    There are three things to know before buying: The first one is that our alpaca cardigans are handmade —yes, handmade— and more than hand-knit, tailored for our clients. That's extra value for the same price. Next, that this cardigan is made of 100% baby alpaca wool, which is the softest variant of baby alpaca wool available in the market. Third, as alpaca wool is a natural fibre, this product is more warming than the average sweater. After all, alpacas are used to living in the freezing heights of the Peruvian Andes mountains.

    This cardigan was made to last, just give it a proper care. Buy it, send us your sizes in the confirmation e-mail, and get ready to receive a beautiful cardigan that was handmade just for you. This is what is making Tinkuy famous.

    Baby Alpaca Gloves for Men (Clothing)

    The pair of gloves you can see here was handmade in Peru. They were hand-knit using only baby alpaca wool, so rest assured this is a great product.

    Baby alpaca is soft as a feather, comfortable and warm. If you had these gloves in your hands now, you would know I am not exaggerating. Alpacas usually live in the Andes mountains, so they are used to cold weathers. With these gloves, you will enjoy the same protection from cold alpacas enjoy in South American highlands.

    As for the design, this pair of gloves were knit using the sand-cable stitch, but remember that you can order any customized product you want using Tinkuy's tailored knitting service.

    Baby Alpaca Scarf (Clothing)

    Scarves are basic during winter… and you will want a scarf that is warm, soft and comfortable as well —that is, that will not itch while you wear it. Baby alpaca scarves fulfil easily these requirements because its wool is anti-allergenic, warn and very consistent. Moreover, baby alpaca is considered among the finest in the world; and here we offer products that are made to stand the test of time.

    The one you see here, for example, was hand-knit. We added a few pompoms in the edges so it could feel and look more Peruvian, but you can remove them easily in case you don't like them. You can request a scarf in any of the colours we have available, and with or without the pompoms. For more specific scarves, please contact us. As we work straight with the artisans, we can offer you a tailored baby alpaca scarf, if that is what you want.

    Baby Alpaca Winter Cap (Clothing)

    The winter cap you see here is not like every other winter cap you may have seen on the Internet these days. There are three things that make this cap a must in your closet, in our opinion:

    The first one is that this winter cap is made of natural wool. In times in which way too many winter clothes are made of plastic, wearing natural wools make you stand out.

    The second is that this product is made of baby alpaca. Baby alpaca is soft as a feather and consistent and warm and comfortable and a few other adjectives, all at the same time.

    Third and last, the price is just right. Taking into account this product was hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes, the price is very close to perfect. There is no reason not to buy it.

    • 100% baby alpaca wool.
    • Eco friendly cloth.
    • Handmade cap.
    • Available in multiple sizes and colors.
    Cable V-Neck Jumper made of Baby Alpaca Wool (Clothing)

    What you see here is a warm and comfortable baby alpaca jumper. Baby alpaca is one of the finest natural wools available in America, so buying this guarantees you a high quality and refined product you can use every day.

    Yet it goes beyond being fine. Baby alpaca wool is very good against cold weather. Alpacas are used to living in very cold areas in the Andes mountains, so their wool is thick. This jumper will keep you warm, we promise.

    The design, as you may see on the photographs, is for everyday use. It is a V-neck jumper with buttons on the chest, with simple cable designs to make it look nicer.

    Casual Basket Weave Baby Alpaca Sweater for Men (Clothing)

    This baby alpaca sweater is great for men who want to wear something comfortable, warm and fine. Baby alpaca clothes are well know for being soft and refined, so this will be a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

    If to that you add that we will let you send us your measurements so we can create a new handmade sweater just for you, you may be foreseeing how well you will look with this sweater on.

    Our sweaters are hand-knit in Peru using only baby alpaca wool. Baby alpaca is notoriously finer than its adult peer, and you will notice it once this sweater reaches your hands. How you will know it is 100% baby alpaca? Simple: because it will be a heavy sweater that is soft as feathers at the same time.

    Chuto Hat - the Hat that was Born from a Parody (Accessories)

    In the days of Johann Sebastian Bach and beyond, the minuet was one of the most popular dances in Europe. It was nice, elegant, but way too refined for Peruvians taste, so they created a satire called the Chonguinada. It was danced in groups of odd number of dancers, all dancers in pairs except for one, called the Chuto. As you may figure out, the Chuto danced around the other couples, completing the satire.

    Well, here you have a typical hat a Chuto dancer wears during a Chonguinada. It is a bowler hat with made of 100% sheep felt with ribbons and similar decorations.

    Convertible Baby Alpaca Gloves for Men (Clothing)

    Here you have a pair of gloves that is very convenient for the modern man. Hand-knit in Peru, these baby alpaca gloves are warm and soft… and convertible! Yes, you can wear them as full mittens, or, if the situation requires, remove the cover from the fingers and turn them into fingerless gloves for as long as you need.

    Alpaca wool is known for its softness all over the world, and baby alpaca, the wool we use in our products, is even softer. Our gloves are quite warm for any winter weather. After all, alpacas are used to wandering in the cold heights of the Andes mountains. Rest assured these alpaca gloves may be all that you need for this winter.

    If you want a customized design in your new gloves, you can count on Tinkuy tailored knitting service.

    Faux Leather Cowboy Hat (Accessories)

    Like every other cowboy hat, the ones we sell have wide brim, slight taper and a nice belt. But what makes us different is the design. In the front it is adorned with a nice design of a traditional Peruvian horse rider called "chalán", one of the most elegant expressions of viceroyal peruvian traditions.

    It is faux leather so we can assure you it will stand the test of time.

    • Traditional Peruvian designs.
    • Available in all sizes.
    Faux Leather Tote Bag with Alpaca Design (Accessories)

    Note: This tote bag is 27 cm x 21 cm (10.6 in x 8.2 in)

    Looking for something different? Take a look at this. It is a faux leather tote bag for men or women, lightweight and resistant enough to carry your frequent items. Despite being made of imitation leather, the finish is handmade. On the front and back, there are traditionally woven cloths. The alpaca you see on the front side is genuine alpaca wool, elegantly shaped by our artisans.

    There are many faux leather tote bags out there, so make sure yours stands out. The world loves Peru in a way that cannot be explained with words. Buy this one and see with your own eyes the effect it has in your neighbourhood.

    Faux Leather Tote Bag with Andean Design (Accessories)

    Note: This tote bag is 24 cm x 20 cm (9.4 in x 7.9 in)

    What you can see here is a small faux leather tote bag with Andean design. It was made in Cusco, the capital city of the former Inca empire, and artisans there gave it the finish you can see on the photograph.

    The front is covered with a cloth that was traditionally woven using ancestral techniques. The coin purse is faux leather too, but handcrafted by artisans to give it the look you see on the photograph.

    Faux V-Neck Diamond Baby Alpaca Jumper (Clothing)

    You are seeing here a comfortable baby alpaca jumper. It was handmade in the Peruvian Andes mountains using baby alpaca wool only; making it almost a luxury item you can purchase at a fraction of the cost.

    Still, we want you to feel you are buying a luxury jumper, so let Tinkuy offer you something: If you buy this jumper today, we promise to ask your sizes in the confirmation e-mail, so we can knit your jumper just in your size. Do you like the idea? Then buy it!

    The design is a faux V-neck that would look great with your scarf. There are wide basket-weave stitches on the sides, and a few cables of diamonds.

    If you could have it in your hands now, you would feel surprised. Baby alpaca wool may be soft as a cloud when you touch it, but the consistence of its wool fibres still makes it heavy. This is a jumper that will really keep anybody warm. Further, in a short future, when you get yours, you will be able to feel it.

    Genuine Leather Cowboy Hat (Accessories)

    Even there are plenty of cowboy hats ready to be sale, none of them is like this one we are offering you. Made of genuine calfskin leather, properly tanned in the traditional way, and with a simple crown, slight taper, wide brim and a nice belt.

    Do not waste more time searching for another like this in the picture. You will look more classy and good-looking. We can assure you that.

    As this is a natural product, we cannot guarantee all out hats will look the same. Therefore, Tinkuy will send a photo of the product to check it before we ship it to you.

    • Unique design.
    • Available in all sizes.
    • Limited edition.
    Hand-knit Baby Alpaca Coat for Men (Clothing)

    What you can see here is a long, comfortable and really warm baby alpaca coat. We consider its design unisex, so you can easily share it with the lady you are walking with should the opportunity comes.

    It is 100% baby alpaca wool, so rest assured the coat is one of the best options you can find without spending a small fortune in a luxury item. The coats you see here are handmade in Peru and sold straight from there, so the price is just right.

    Its design demands a lot of time because this coat is hand-knit. It combines cables with the fisherman's rib stitches, over a base made of regular stitches. The finish is incredible: you get a heavy and warm buttoned coat that is as soft as a cloud, and which was made with one of the finest natural wools available in the world: baby alpaca.

    Handmade Baby Alpaca Poncho with Diamond Patterns for Men (Clothing)

    Ponchos are always helpful. Cold days combined with strong winds can make anyone shiver, and ponchos are definitely one of the best ways to stay warm.

    This baby alpaca poncho combines the barred braid and the twist four mock cable knitting stitches to get you an exclusive product with diamond patterns you will love to wear. It was hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes and made to last for years. The artisan added a turtle-neck to make it even more warming, and it has comfortable slits on the sides for the arms too.

    If you like it as it is, then buy it right now using the purchase button on the right. If you wish any other kind of baby alpaca poncho, please contact us to talk about any customizations you like. We work straight with the artisans who knit these ponchos by hand. We can have yours ready in very few days.

    Handmade Faux V-neck Baby Alpaca Sweater (Clothing)

    This sweater is great if you want to wear it along with a scarf. Its long faux V-neck will define and highlight the scarf you are wearing; its cable and diamond patterns make it look casual yet fine, for everyday use yet still stylish.

    Like every other sweater we sell here at Tinkuy, this is a 100% baby alpaca wool that was fleeced, naturally processed and hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes mountains (without hurting any animal, by the way). We work straight with the artisans who make the products you see here, so you can buy them straight from this shop or visit our page of tailored requests to get a customised baby alpaca sweater.

    Handmade Turtle-neck Baby Alpaca Jumper (Clothing)

    Turtle-neck jumpers are usually narrow in the neck (which may feel uncomfortable at times) but here you have an option that is wide enough in the neck to make you feel you like you were wearing jumper and scarf at the same time. The design is full of cable patterns, making it look youthful. You can go to the mall with this one knowing cold will not be a problem with you.

    This jumper was made 100% of baby alpaca wool, which is one of the finest commercial natural fibres in the continent. It was handmade in the Peruvian Andes by artisans who do not hurt any animal in the process, making it a great clothing option for you. As if that weren't enough, baby alpaca wool is considered finer than its adult peer.

    At Tinkuy we have over a dozen colours to choose from. If you wish a slightly different jumper, remember we also have a tailored baby alpaca knitting service.

    Honeycomb Handmade Peruvian Baby Alpaca Jumper (Clothing)

    What you can see here is a refined work. Our jumpers are all hand-knitted in Peru using only baby alpaca wool, and tailored to our clients, because we ask for your sizes before delivering. How does that work? Simple: first add this product to the shopping cart. Once your shopping is done, we will send you a confirmation e-mail, asking for your sizes. In short time, you will receive this baby alpaca sweater right of your size. We want all our clients to feel special, so this is what we offer you.

    As for the material, baby alpaca is a great choice. If you could have it in your hands now, you would feel it very soft and heavy at the same time, because that is the main feature of baby alpaca clothing. It is easy to understand why this alpaca jumper is very warm too.

    The design was made using a mix of honeycomb stitches and a few diamonds and cables. It is simple and casual, the kind of jumper you can wear every day. Winters can be cruel, and alpacas know it well in the heights of the Peruvian Andes mountains. This jumper is exactly what you need for your winter days, and no animal is hurt in the process.

    Knight Style Baby Alpaca Jumper (Clothing)

    Alpaca jumpers are many, but when the artisan feels creative, nice things can happen. Here you have a handmade jumper for men that was inspired in the old European knighthood days. No, you do not need to carry a sword in your belt to wear it.

    This jumper is a turtle-neck for the cold days. The knitting style mixes ribs, honeycomb and cable patterns gracefully. It is 100% baby alpaca wool, and it was hand-knit in Peruvian Andes, so you have the guarantee that you are buying a product of top quality. Furthermore, if you could have this jumper in your hands right now, you would find it heavy, consistent, but still soft in your hands.

    Baby alpaca wool is one of the finest commercial natural fibres available. You can get so used to its quality that soon you may also want all your winter clothes of baby alpaca.

    Natural Straw Hat (Accessories)

    In Peru, straw hats are usually worn in the north of the country, where the weather is hotter, and where it is important to protect your head from the sun. Straw hats are also used in traditional Peruvian dances, like the marinera or the tondero.

    The straw hats we sell are handmade with the best quality straw we could find in the north of Peru. Artisans there know and respect their traditions, and treat their products as masterpieces. Rest assured you are going to buy a great hat once you click the "add to cart" button.

    Take a look at the photographs. It has everything you may want in a straw hat: Wide brim, slight taper, pinched crown but staying away from the classy style of a fedora. It is just perfect.

    Patterned Baby Alpaca Jumper for Men (Clothing)

    If you are looking for a jumper that can easily help you stand out, here you have the perfect option for you. This baby alpaca sweater is still among the basic ones you can wear every day, but it is definitely not the kind of jumper you would find in a local shop.

    Why not? Because we sell tailored baby alpaca jumpers. Once you confirm you are buying one of these, you will send us your measurements so our craftswomen can hand-knit a new one just for you.

    Our jumpers are made in Peru. The wool is coloured using non-toxic dyes and the jumpers are always hand-knit —and you know this gives it an extra value. As if that weren't enough, once you have this in your hands you will notice the sweater is soft but consistent. Alpacas usually live in cold areas of the Andes mountains, so you can rest assured your jumper will be really warming

    Peruvian Beanie - Handmade with Baby Alpaca Wool (Clothing)

    What you are seeing is a different beanie hat. We would dare to say it is an almost luxurious winter beanie. Why? Because of three reasons: First, because this beanie was hand-knit. In times in which everything is manufactured serially and not seriously, finding a handmade product is hard and valuable. Next, because it is made of baby alpaca wool. Baby alpaca is one of the finest natural fibres in the world, and soft as a feather. Lastly, because it is useful. Baby alpaca is really warm compared to other winter clothes. Take into account that alpacas are used to wander in the really cold weathers of the Peruvian Andes, and you will understand why this hat is such a great option.

    As for the design, it is a combination of honeycomb stitches and diamond patterns. It is casual, something you can wear everyday to go to work or school.

    • 100% baby alpaca wool.
    • Ecofriendly cloth.
    • Handmade production.
    • Available in multiple sizes and colors.
    Peruvian Felt Hat (Accessories)

    Felt hats are warming. They are great during autumn and winter days, and add variety to your wardrobe. They are easy to clean, comfortable, and —no brainer— nice!

    Sticking to the tradition of the Peruvian Andes mountains, this felt hat is not very tall in the crown, and it has moderate taper, moderate brim, and a nice belt.

    The ones we sell are of good quality. They are made of 100% sheep wool to resist a few pouring rains, but we still suggest you to be careful and choose another hat if the sky is obviously cloudy.

    Rabbit Fur Bag for Hunters (Accessories)

    Note: This rabbit fur bag is 25 cm x 25 cm (9.8 in x 9.8 in)

    This rabbit fur bag was designed for hunters. You are going out there, to the woods, and you want a small bag to carry some basic things, like your ammo; however, everything has become so industrialized lately that all you find in the stores are "nice" plastic bags. A hunter needs something more manly than that, something that reminds him what hunting is about. This is a product thought for that.

    This is a shoulder bag made 100% of rabbit fur in the Peruvian Andes, an area in which some men still hunt out in the open, and not for sport.

    Round-neck Diamond Baby Alpaca Sweater (Clothing)

    The design uses bas-relief curves to draw diamonds in the foreground in order to look stylish, classic and for both casual and sport elegant events. This sweater for men is handmade in the Peruvian Andes, so its quality is guaranteed.

    Here at Tinkuy we work only with baby alpaca fleece, which is a commercial and fine fiber as luxury as cashmere so when you get your sweater and touch it, you will feel that they are made of clouds. As soft as a feather, so it will keep you warm and help others notice you know how to dress.

    Furthermore, our artisans do not work with machines, they knit it by their own hands. An extra value that would not cost you.

    So go ahead, choose your favourite colour knowing you will be buying a great baby alpaca product.

    • 100% baby alpaca fleece.
    • Eco friendly cloth.
    • Handmade production.
    • Available in multiple colors and sizes.
    V-Neck Baby Alpaca Sweater for Men (Clothing)

    Here a baby alpaca sweater for men that is great for autumn and winter alike. It is a V-neck, so you can show off your favourite shirt; its design is suitable for people of all ages; and the price is just right considering you are buying a handmade sweater made just for you with one of the finest natural fibres around the world: baby alpaca.

    Just for you? Yes, sir. Buy this sweater, and we will let you send us your measurements, so our craftsmen can knit a new sweater just for you. You can request a few modifications to the design too.

    As for this sweater, the design was made with honeycomb stitches and just a couple of lines of double cable knitting pattern so it won't look dull.

    This sweater was hand-knit in Peru. We sell and ship from there. If you had it in your hands now, you would feel it soft. That's because baby alpaca wool is consistent. These animals live in very cold areas of the Andes mountains and their wool is ready for that weather. You will notice the difference.

    You can request a few modifications to the design. Just contact our tailored knitting service.

    • 100% baby alpaca.
    • Eco friendly sweater.
    • Honeycomb and cable hand knitted jumper.
    • Available in multiple sizes and colors.
    V-Neck Bas-relief Diamond Jumper for Men (Clothing)

    Here you have a casual jumper you can wear every day. It is a comfortable and warm baby alpaca jumper made in Peru that does not mix alpaca fibres with other materials. The knitting style is simple: plain stitches with diamond bas-relief shapes. It is a winter jumper you can combine easily with dozens of outfits.

    Baby alpaca wool is one of the finest natural wools available in the world. Tinkuy guarantees our jumpers are all hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes. Further, if you send us your measurements, we can prepare and send you a tailored baby alpaca jumper without additional costs.

    Do you like the idea? We invite you to try it.

    V-Neck Diamond-textured Baby Alpaca Sweater (Clothing)

    What you can see here is a great-looking casual baby alpaca sweater. It is V-neck, but it has buttons to cover up your chest up. Its design looks refined but still manly. The artisan knew how to include a diamond-shaped pattern in a casual sweater. Now it is your turn to wear it on.

    The sweater is made of baby alpaca wool, the finest commercial fibre in America. This product is hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes taking good care of both the animals and the manufacturing process. If you could have it in your hands now, you would feel it soft yet still heavy and warming.

    It is a great product, and it would be an outstanding addition to your wardrobe.

    • 100% baby alpaca fleece.
    • Eco friendly cloth.
    • Hand knitted.
    • Available in multiple sizes and colors.