100% Baby Alpaca Turtle-neck Jumper with Cable Design (Clothing)

This jumper design has good presence. It has ribs on the sides and a couple of open cable patterns in the front. The result, as you can see, is a nice garment you can wear every day.

The devil is in the detail, though. buy it and we promise give you the option of sending us your measurements so our artisans can make you a handmade jumper that was specifically made for you in few days( delivery time: 3-4 days).

It was made with 100% of baby alpaca wool, hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes mountains. If you had it in your hands now, you would find it consistent, yet soft. All these details make this jumper a luxury item, but you won't pay the price expensive brands ask for.

Baby Alpaca Cardigan for Men with Zipper (Clothing)

Casual cardigans need not to have buttons. A zipper can be perfect too! So if you are looking for a nice, comfortable and warming sweater, take a good look at this one.

There are three things to know before buying: The first one is that our alpaca cardigans are handmade —yes, handmade— and more than hand-knit, tailored for our clients. That's extra value for the same price. Next, that this cardigan is made of 100% baby alpaca wool, which is the softest variant of alpaca fleece in the market. This product is more warming than the average sweater. After all, alpacas are used to living in the freezing heights of the Peruvian Andes mountains.

This cardigan was made to last, just give it a proper care. Buy it, send us your sizes in the confirmation e-mail, and get ready to receive a beautiful cardigan that was handmade just for you. This is what is making Tinkuy famous.

Fast delivery time: 3-4 days

Baby Alpaca Hooded Sweater (Clothing)

This jumper was designed specially to cold days, as a result, is wide enough in the neck to make you feel you like you were wearing jumper and scarf at the same time, in addition the hood can cover your head of the snow. The design is full of cable patterns, making it look youthful. You can go to the mall with this one knowing cold will not be a problem on you.

The handcrafted sweater was made 100% of baby alpaca wool, which is one of the finest commercial natural fibers in the world, specifically handmade in the Peruvian Andes by artisans make it a great clothing option for you. As if that weren't enough, baby alpaca wool is considered finer than its adult peer.

At Tinkuy we have over a dozen colors to choose from. If you wish a slightly different jumper, remember we also have a tailored baby alpaca knitting service.

Order includes fast shipping for free ( 3 - 4 days)

  • Winter clothing.
Blue V-Neck Baby Alpaca Sweater for Men

Combinable, soft and nice! This baby alpaca sweater is you need to cold days because their fiber, baby alpaca fleece, is the best fiber in the world and warmest. If you wear it, you will have not to worry about the weather. Your only will focus on look good!

This V-neck baby alpaca sweater was hand knit by Peruvian artisans, who used the stockinette stitch pattern, a pattern very difficult to do. They are responsible for doing the whole process with their own hands. So, this baby alpaca wool sweater not only is a beautiful garment but also portrays the persevering and traditions of the artisans.

The principal characteristic of this handcrafted sweater is the V-neck that gives it a sophisticated aspect because this kind of neck enlarges your figure and stylizes your face and neck. This sweater is the perfect complement for all your outfits. Take it to different places and all occasions.

Contact Tinkuy tailored knitting service, and we will weave one according to your requirements.

Button Up Jumper Knitted with 100% Baby Alpaca Wool (Clothing)

The design, as you may see on the photographs, is for everyday use. It is a artisan jumper with cable designs to make it look nicer.

What you must know is that was knitted with 100% baby alpaca wool. As many experts say, this is one of the finest fibers all over the world. Because of that, baby alpaca sweaters are more warming than traditional ones.

Maybe you wonder, "sweater size will fit on me?" Do not worry about that, will ask for your body measurements before ship the order.

Shipping is free with fast delivery time of around 3-4 days, do not let pass this opportunity behind, buy online.

  • Available in multiple colors.
Cable and Diamond Knit Baby Alpaca Sweater (Clothing)

Great V-neck sweater comfortable, fine and soft. Their design will perfectly be suitable for any occasion. Its cable and diamond patterns make it looks fashionable, stylish and unique.

The artisan jumper was hand-knit of pure baby alpaca wool, a natural and fine fiber that is recognize all over the world for softness.

Your order will be manufactured in the Peruvian Andes, so will ship it from Peru with a delivery time of 3 - 4 days only. This garment has available free shipping, promo you could benefit.

We work straight with the artisans so If you have any requirement, do not mind contact our tailored knitting service in order to make a sweater that suits you.

  • Many colors available.
Casual Basket Weave Baby Alpaca Sweater for Men (Clothing)

If you are a man who likes to wear something comfortable, warm and chill, you have arrived to the right place. Here at Tinkuy we have many options that can suit your requirements, like this handcrafted sweater you see in the picture.

Hand-knit in Peru and made of baby alpaca fleece, one of the finest fibers in the world, you will feel this sweater as soft as a feather.How you will know it is 100% baby alpaca? Simple: is very soft and warmer than sheep wool sweaters.

Also, you can take advantage of our limited time offer: "Free Shipping" .

  • Artisan jumper.
  • Winter clothes.
Diamond Pattern Baby Alpaca Sweater for Men - Gray Color (Clothing)

This diamond design sweater includes buttons in the chest up, perfect for casual meetings.

Also, it was made fully of baby alpaca fleece. This is known as one of the finest natural fibers in the world. As luxury as the cashmere but not as expensive. Hand-knit by Peruvian artisans, who get a great craftsmanship because the high quality of material and the outstanding finished quality.

If you could have it in your hands, you would check the softness wool. There an advantage if you buy now: The shipping will be free with a delivery time of 3-4 days.

  • Eco fashion.
Hand-knit Baby Alpaca Coat for Men (Clothing)

What you can see here is a long, comfortable and really warm baby alpaca coat. We consider its design unisex, so you can easily share it with the lady you are walking with should the opportunity comes.

It is 100% baby alpaca wool, so rest assured the coat is one of the best options you can find without spending a small fortune in a luxury item. The coats you see here are handmade in Peru and ship straight from there in few days (delivery time: 3 - 4 days), so the price is just right.

Its design demands a hard craftsmanship work because this coat is hand-knit. It combines cables with the fisherman's rib stitches, over a base made of regular stitches. The finish is incredible: you get a warm buttoned coat that is as soft as a cloud, and which was made with one of the finest natural wools available in the world: baby alpaca.

Handmade Baby Alpaca Poncho with Diamond Patterns for Men (Clothing)

Ponchos are always helpful. Cold days combined with strong winds can make anyone shiver, and ponchos are definitely one of the best ways to stay warm.

This baby alpaca poncho combines the barred braid and the twist four mock cable knitting stitches to get you an exclusive product with diamond patterns you will love to wear. It was hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes and made to last for years. The artisan added a turtle-neck to make it even more warming, and it has comfortable slits on the sides for the arms too.

If you like it as it is, then buy it right now using the purchase button on the right. If you wish add some detail to the poncho, please contact us to talk about any customizations you like. We work straight with the artisans who knit these ponchos by hand. We can have yours ready in very few days.

Honeycomb Handmade Peruvian Baby Alpaca Jumper (Clothing)

What you can see here is a refined work. Our jumper was hand-knitted in Peru using only baby alpaca wool, and tailored to our clients, because we ask for your sizes before delivering. How does that work? Simple: first add this product to the shopping cart. Once your shopping is done, we will send you a confirmation e-mail, asking for your sizes. In short time (delivery time: 3 - 4 days), you will receive this baby alpaca sweater right of your size. We want all our clients to feel special, so this is what we offer you.

As for the material, baby alpaca is a great choice. If you could have it in your hands now, you would feel it very soft, because that is the main feature of baby alpaca clothing. It is easy to understand why this alpaca jumper is very warm too.

The design was made using a mix of honeycomb stitches and a few diamonds and cables. It is simple and casual, the kind of jumper you can wear every day.

Knight Style Baby Alpaca Jumper (Clothing)

Alpaca jumpers are many, but when the artisan feels creative, nice things can happen. Here you have a handmade jumper for men that was inspired in the old European knighthood days. No, you do not need to carry a sword in your belt to wear it.

Their curious design include a turtle-neck for the cold days. The knitting style mixes ribs, honeycomb and cable patterns gracefully. It is 100% baby alpaca wool, so you have the guarantee that you are buying a product of top quality. Furthermore, if you could have this jumper in your hands right now, you would find it consistent, but still soft in your hands.

Baby alpaca wool is one of the finest commercial natural fibres available. It could like too much that soon you may also want all your winter clothes of baby alpaca.

Patterned Baby Alpaca Jumper for Men (Clothing)

Do you want something both beautiful and unique? I must tell you have arrived to the perfect place. Here at Tinkuy we have plenty options to fill your wardrobe like the one you are seeing now.

We do not need to highlight why it is attractive to the view, you can easily see it yourself. But we have to tell you other characteristics that do not appear in the picture: It is fully hand-knit by artisans in Peru and made of baby alpaca wool, one of the finest natural fiber in the world and the wool is coloured using non-toxic dyes. You will check it when you get it. As soft as feather customers say.

Do not let this opportunity behind and go to the purchase button.

  • Eco clothing.
Round Neck Diamond Baby Alpaca Sweater for Men (Clothing)

The design draw diamonds in the foreground in order to look stylish, for both casual and sport elegant events. This sweater for men was handmade in the Peruvian Andes, so its quality is guaranteed.

This artisan sweater is of 100% baby alpaca wool, which is a commercial and fine fiber as luxury as cashmere so when you get your sweater and touch it, you will feel that they are made of clouds. As soft as a feather, so it will keep you warm and help others notice you know how to dress.

Furthermore, our artisans do not work with machines, they knit it by their own hands. An extra value.

So go ahead, choose your favourite color knowing that garment have a promo now: Free shipping!.

V Neck Diamond Baby Alpaca Jumper for Men (Clothing)

Beautiful, soft and comfortable. Some of the characteristics this handmade jumper has. The next hit that you must have in your wardrobe.

Hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes and made of baby alpaca wool, this product will make you feel the softness of a luxury sweater. So warming that you will not want to take it out, specially in winter.

The design is v neck that would look great with your scarf. There are wide basket weave stitches on the sides and cables of diamonds patterns in front. And if you want to add any detail, please contact our tailored knitting service.

  • Natural wool color (Not chemicals to dye).
  • Free fast shipping (delivery time: 3-4 days).
V-Neck Baby Alpaca Sweater for Men (Clothing)

Here a baby alpaca sweater for men that is great for autumn and winter alike. It is a V-neck, so you can show off your favourite shirt; its design is suitable for people of all ages; and the price is just right considering you are buying a handmade sweater made just for you with one of the finest natural fibres around the world: baby alpaca.

Just for you? Yes, sir. Buy this sweater, and we will let you send us your measurements, so our craftsmen can knit a new sweater just for you in only 5-7 days (delivery time: 3-4 days). You can request a few modifications to the design too.

As for this sweater, the design was made with honeycomb stitches and just a couple of lines of double cable knitting pattern so it won't look dull.

This sweater was hand-knit in Peru. We sell and ship from there. If you had it in your hands now, you would feel it soft. That's because baby alpaca fleece is consistent.

  • Eco friendly sweater.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors.
V-Neck Bas-relief Diamond Jumper for Men of Baby Alpaca Wool (Clothing)

Knitting style that plain stitches with diamond bas-relief shapes of this warm jumper should be the next option in your wardrobe because is suitable for any occasion and for your day by day activities. That garment can combine easily with dozens of outfits.

In addition, baby alpaca fleece is one of the finest fibers that you could purchase. This product was woven by Peruvian artisans, accordingly, we will ship it from Peru with fast delivery time ( 3-4 days). We not use machines.

It is free shipping. Do you like the idea? We invite you to try it clicking "add to cart".

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