Baby Alpaca Gloves for Men (Clothing)

The pair of gloves you can see here was handmade in Peru. They were hand-knit using only baby alpaca wool, so rest assured this is a great product.

Baby alpaca is soft as a feather, comfortable and warm. If you had these gloves in your hands now, you would know I am not exaggerating.

As for the design, this pair of gloves were knit using the sand-cable stitch, remember that you can order any other color you want using Tinkuy's tailored knitting service.

Convertible Baby Alpaca Gloves for Men (Clothing)

Here you have a pair of gloves that is very convenient for the modern man. Hand-knit in Peru, these baby alpaca gloves are warm, soft and convertible! Yes, you can wear them as full mittens, or, if the situation requires, remove the cover from the fingers and turn them into fingerless gloves for as long as you need.

Alpaca wool is known for its softness all over the world, and baby alpaca, the wool we use in our products, is even softer. Our gloves are quite warm for any winter weather. After all, alpacas are used to wandering in the cold heights of the Andes mountains. Rest assured these alpaca gloves may be all that you need for this winter.

If you want request other color in your convertible mitten, you can count on Tinkuy tailored knitting service.

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