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Baby Alpaca Gloves for Men




Shipping method

Select Estimated Delivery Cost Tracking Carrier
5 - 7 days 33.00 DHL
10 - 15 days 7.00 Standard shipping


The pair of gloves you can see here was handmade in Peru. They were hand-knit using only baby alpaca wool, so rest assured this is a great product.

Baby alpaca is soft as a feather, comfortable and warm. If you had these gloves in your hands now, you would know I am not exaggerating.

As for the design, this pair of gloves were knitted using the sand-cable stitch.

  • - Weight: 139 grams / 0.31 lbs
  • - 100% baby alpaca wool
  • - Handmade
  • - Soft: Ultra soft to the touch
  • - Available in all sizes
  • - If you wish, adapt color to your requirements contacting us