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This December we Won't Give you a Discount. We will Give you a Reason

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The end of the year is "the season to be jolly." Christmas and the upcoming New Year gives us reasons to feel happier and hopeful about a better and nicer future for ourselves and our families.

However, media and the advertising industry have also turned the end of the year a season to spend (and also waste) a lot of money. Stores fill all public spaces (the Internet included) with advertising, with discounts, with "exclusive" promotions, and push us to think about the gifts we are to give our friends and beloved ones to show how much we care for them.

And we spend money buying things for Christmas just to wait one week to, once again, spend another sum of money to celebrate the New Year with all its traditions.

As a consequence, we all start January a little bit happier but a bunch closer to being indebted and broke than when we ended October.

Here at Tinkuy, we have an online store, so, in theory, we should take advantage of these special days to offer you huge discounts that are way too good to resist. Yet, instead to joining the bandwagon of consumerism, we thought it would be a great idea to help you get down from it… for a change.

So instead of giving you discounts, we would like to give you a reason: helping.

We started Tinkuy in Peru because we got sick and tired of seeing how multinational companies, even many so-called "fair trade" companies, abused artisans' time and resources to get cheap high-quality alpaca wool clothes "the corporate way," that is, negotiating wholesale prices and discounts just because they were offering to buy a set of clothes or handcrafts and not just one or two pieces.

Artisans work for days to complete the order and get paid, and the company then resells their products for a 300%, 400% or even 500% profit in some cases.

In other words, to make money while artisans remain poor.

Buying a present from Tinkuy this year you can ensure your money will end up in the hands of an artisan who has been paid more than average for his work. This may not be important for you, but will certainly be very important for them.

In the same fashion, if you consider turning more of your end-of-year expenses to more meaningful ends, you will in turn receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are not wasting your money, but doing something more useful with it.

We are Looking for Business Partners

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Tinkuy is a manufacturer of baby alpaca clothing and accessories. We focus in winter clothes such as sweaters, cardigans, gloves and scarves; but we also sell Peruvian home décor and tailored-made products.

We like the idea of working ethically. We never negotiate prices with the artisans who work with us, and we never ask them to blend wools to reduce costs or increase profits. When you buy from Tinkuy, you have the guarantee that you are buying 100% handmade baby alpaca products, period.

Now we are seeking to expand. So we are looking for affiliates, drop shippers and local clothes stores from all over the world interested in selling fine baby alpaca clothes in their premises. We offer great products and a fair deal. You offer your best selling abilities, and we both make this agreement work.

We are also interested in meeting a few fashion designers interested in working with sweaters and other winter clothes. We have a nice and friendly staff of expert knitters looking for new challenges, for new ways to express beauty. We could work greatly with your designs.

Interested? Please get in touch using our contact form. We will continue from there.

A few alpacas in the Peruvian Andes photo by Esmée Winnubst