Main view of the ceramic elephant figurine. It is light green to attract good vibes.
Opposite view of the elephant statuette. You can notice the baby elephant is replaced with a wood log.
Detail of the back side of the elephant. You can notice the chair is made of small beads.

Lucky Elephant Figurine



The elephant you see here was made from clay gathering all the good practices for a successful positive ritual at home. The elephant is slightly green to attract good vibes. It has its trunk upwards, a happy look and it is sitting down. You can see its offspring on one of its sides too.

To make the best happen to you (or your household or your business), place the elephant in such position its trunk will be pointing inside. Some authors suggest that you should place a bill in the trunk on the 29th day of every month and replace it on the next 29th to attract richness as well.

At Tinkuy, we promise that both whether you do or do not do a ritual, you will still receive this beautiful lucky elephant figurine safely at home in a protective box.

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