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Jute Pillow with Handmade Embroidery


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The pillow you see on the left is completely handmade. Its surface is made of jute; it is filled up with natural felt; and it was embroidered by hand with love and patience in the Peruvian Andes. The result becomes evident: a beautiful pillow you can show off at home every time someone comes to visit you.

What is best about our pillows is that, as they are made of natural products, they feel great when you touch them. Buying them, you know you are helping the environment a bit, as you are not using a pillow that was filled up with an oil derivative.

We suggest buying them in sets. With four pillows you can liven up your sofa and a couple of armchairs knowing that you will have something that cannot be found in a common store.

  • - Weight: 250 grams / 0.6 lb
  • - Width: 32 cm / 13"
  • - High: 32 cm / 13"
  • - Made with jute & Peruvian wool