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Hand-embroidered Jute Pillow


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At Tinkuy, we believe that natural products are the best option for any household that loves to be healthy. Therefore, our pillows are handmade, filled up with natural felt, and embroidered by hand with patience and love by our artisans. As you can clearly see on the photographs on the left, the finish is outstanding. This pillow looks nice, feels great, and respects the environment much more than any of its peers filled up with an oil derivative.

We suggest buying them in sets. With five pillows you can liven up your sofa and a couple of armchairs. What is best, your visitors will not know where you got them from. Most décor stores do not sell similar items, and much less at this price.

  • - Weight: 250 grams / 0.6 lb
  • - Width: 32 cm / 13"
  • - High: 32 cm / 13"
  • - Made with jute & Peruvian wool