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Honeycomb Handmade Peruvian Baby Alpaca Jumper




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What you can see here is a refined work. Our jumper was hand-knitted in Peru using only baby alpaca wool, because we want all our clients to feel special, so this is what we offer you.

As for the material, baby alpaca is a great choice. If you could have it in your hands now, you would feel it very soft, because that is the main feature of baby alpaca clothing. It is easy to understand why this alpaca jumper is very warm too.

The design was made using a mix of honeycomb stitches and a few diamonds and cables. It is casual, the kind of jumper you can wear every day.

  • - Weight: 500 grams / 1.1 lbs
  • - 100% baby alpaca wool
  • - Fully handmade
  • - Made in Peru
  • - Soft: Ultra soft to the touch
  • - Available in all sizes
  • - Colors to choose from
  • - If you wish, adapt size to your requirements contacting us