Ceramic statuette of a 'huacon' from Mito, in Junin.
Back view of the ceramic statuette of a 'huacon'm from Mito, Junin.
Detail of the ceramic statuette of a 'huacon'. As you may see, the level of detail is outstanding.

Ceramic Huacon Statuette



For over a thousand years, the inhabitants of Mito, in Junin, have performed the traditional Huaconada. Combining the wisdom of the sages of the town with the protection of the mystic condor, they dance for three days to remind everybody the importance of good behaviour all year round.

This ceramic statuette represents the modern look of a Huacon. You can see the mask that symbolizes at the same time the sage's and the condor's face; the cape that, in turn, symbolizes the nobleness of the wise men and the wings of the condor at the same time as well.

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