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Painted Felt Hat from Huancayo




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Huancaino hat is a product fully manufactured by Crazmarc 159, first of all the hat is carefully drawn, then the item is hand painted with textile paints to make it look good. Every model is unique, exclusive and irreplicable; they can complement every woman's style and the most important is that if for some situation the water falls on the hat, it will keep in good conditions, both the hat and the drawing so the hat is ideal for both rainy days and sun days.

This traditional hat from Huancayo, a city of Peru, has become a popular symbol that identifies different areas of the country thanks to certain characteristics that differentiate them. When the artisan designs their drawings, he wants to show part of the history and Huancayo culture.

In this model, fauna is represented by a hummingbird, one of the most attractive birds of the place. To shape life enriches the Huancaino artistic hat that will come to your hands. What makes this hat special is the fact of buying something that has been handmade; it shows how people value customs, something that goes beyond the monetary.

  • - 100% sheep wool.
  • - Weight: 200 grams / 0.44 lb.
  • - Crown/Height: 3.6"
  • - Brim: 3"
  • - Waterproof.
  • - Colors to choose from.