Front view of the felt handbag. The spirals and details are also made of felt. It has a nice finish.

Lively Felt Handbag



Note: This handbag is 42 cm x 25 cm (16.5 in x 9.8 in)

I love this handbag. It is a felt bag, granted, but it is lively, something everybody will appreciate during the cold winter months. The design you see on the front is also felt, so you can start imagining how much work it was to build this craftwork by hand (because, yes, it was handmade) to get this result. The spirals, the small flowers (which are also spirals)… everything.

Inside, the bag has lining, two small pockets and a zipper to close it. It is big enough to get noticed but small enough to be taken everywhere without bothering you. This felt bag is a great option for you, and we have two similar options in the store you may want to take a look at too.

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