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Organic Cotton Blouse Color Purple with Rose Tones




Purple blouse in pastel pink and green tones, handmade using pink, yellow and red roses, as well as purple daisies flowers. The button is made of seashells. 💛🍀

Fresh and soft texture. 🌿

100% organic cotton jersey pima 40/1.

The creation of this blouse consists in 6 major steps, which lead to creating this unique garment in detail and exclusivity: Purchase and confection (4 days), natural dyeing (4 days), air drying (1 day), ironing and packaging of the garment (1 day).

100% organic jersey cotton, Fair Trade, GOTS, Control Union Fair Choice and USDA Organic certified since 1998.

Organic cotton and hand dyed ...

Avoid allergies and irritations, as it is a chemical-free textile, the skin does not absorb these impurities.

As they are smooth threads, leather touches a softer fabric compared to cotton, which is why it is recommended for delicate skin and / or babies.

What are the labor benefits of using certified organic cotton and hand dyed?

  • - It guarantees optimal working conditions for farmers and all collaborators who participate in the production chain.
  • - It ensures a production of organic cotton free of fertilizers and pesticides, artificial and toxic for the textile itself as well as for the workers.
  • - It reaffirms the care of the environment using fewer resources such as water, and protects the cultivation soil thanks to the zero use of chemical substances.