Profile view of the chullo hat with long pompoms. As you may see, it looks quite feminine.
Plain view of the Peruvian chullo hat for women with long pompoms.

Peruvian Chullo Hat with long Pompoms



Do you like what you see on the photograph? It is a hand-knit chullo hat with pompoms. Made only of baby alpaca wool, you can have this product delivered to your home just a few days after your order.

Let me tell you a few more details about it. I already mentioned it is made of baby alpaca wool, but let's talk about that in greater detail. Baby alpaca wool is one of the softest natural fibres in the planet. If you had this chullo in your hands now, you would be doubting whether you were holding a head accessory or a piece of a cloud. I'm not exaggerating. Baby alpaca wool is famous for that.

The design is nice too. In traditional Peru, using a chullo with pompoms was left for the most festive times of the year, so wear this and just feel festive all winter!

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