Peruvian Home Decor
These figurines and statues are made in Peru. Some are sculpted in white stone, others are made of ceramic, yet they are all beautifu
Unique piece of nature's art
Softest teddy of the world is of Alpaca wool because the fiber is very fine so can buy alpaca fur teddies made in Peru of animals designs
The softest wool in a great teddy for a special person
Looking for wall design ideas? Peruvian wall décor is the best choice because making click will find unique wall decoration only sold in Tinkuy store all handmade
Rekindle small space and give it colour and big style
Throw pillows for couch made with Peruvian designs are decorative and 100% hand-embroidered
Dress your home with handmade colorful pillows
How make Peruvian gourd arts? First gourds are carved, after are engraved and painted and lastly they became in decorative gourds or high quality gourd crafts
Historic technic for create wonderful ornaments of nature ideas
Peruvian masks for sale are unique because are traditional and handmade
Historical customs, amazing carved masks
Dolls with Peruvian attire such as Peruvian Barbie, all are handmade in Andes from Peru
Unique design costume, makes the doll elegant
Make Peruvian retablos for sale in Ayacucho Peru is a tradition, you can buy online this Peruvian art, the most popular is Peruvian nativity set
The peasant customs reflected in a piece of art
    Alpaca Wool Panda Bear (Peruvian Decor)

    Note: This alpaca wool teddy bear is 25 cm x 18 cm (9.8 in x 7 in)

    There are millions of panda teddy bears out there, but there is no way you can supersede a version manufactured with baby alpaca wool. Baby alpaca is softer than any other teddy bear you can imagine.

    The other advantage of buying baby alpaca is that you would be buying an anti-allergenic product that is safe even for babies*. This toy is small and handmade, perfect for a child or your girlfriend. Buy it with confidence.

    Andean Desk Organizer (Sale)

    Here your usual desk organizer but with Andean style. It has a taller cylinder for you to place your pencils and pens, a smaller cylinder for you to place your paper clips and rubber bands, a nice metal letter opener with a llama design, and two spaces to hold your notes and a few documents or receipts —all made of plastic and decorated with Andean style.

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    Baby Alpaca Spectacle Teddy Bear (Peruvian Decor)

    The teddy bear you see here is inspired in the Andean spectacled bear, the most common in this are. Spectacled bear have less hair around the snout, this is why this teddy bear has a clean face too. In real life, spectacled bears are black and they are also considered a vulnerable species, that is, it is getting in risk of extinction.

    Buying this teddy bear, you will be able to help raise awareness about the problem too.

    Nature apart, you should know that this teddy is made of baby alpaca wool. This means it is really soft at touch, quite likely, this one will be the softest teddy bear you will ever have in your hands.

    Baby alpaca teddies are anti-allergenic too. As it is natural wool, you can gift it to your child or significant other without doubt that it won't itch, cause allergies or any other. The very opposite: they will find it adorable.

    Carved Stone Rabbit Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

    The carved stone rabbit you see on this page was made of piedra de Huamanga, a type of white alabaster stone that is common in the Peruvian Andes mountains. It was carved by hand, so rest assured you will receive a unique item when you complete your purchase. From the photographs you can see the figurine has a polished finish, so rest assured this will be a great acquisition in your living room or centre table.

    Ceramic Huacon Statuette (Peruvian Decor)

    For over a thousand years, the inhabitants of Mito, in Junin, have performed the traditional Huaconada. Combining the wisdom of the sages of the town with the protection of the mystic condor, they dance for three days to remind everybody the importance of good behaviour all year round.

    This ceramic statuette represents the modern look of a Huacon. You can see the mask that symbolizes at the same time the sage's and the condor's face; the cape that, in turn, symbolizes the nobleness of the wise men and the wings of the condor at the same time as well.

    Here at Tinkuy we ensure that you will receive this ceramic Huacon statuette safely.

    Classic Teddy Bear in Baby Alpaca Wool (Peruvian Decor)

    Here you have the classic teddy bear you have been looking for, but with two extras that you were probably not expecting! First of all, it is not made of plastic. This one is made of one of the softest natural wools available in the world: baby alpaca. If you had it in your hands now, and I told you that touching this baby alpaca teddy is like touching a cloud, you would know I am not exaggerating.

    And there is a second advantage about buying a natural wool teddy bear: it is anti-allergenic. As it is natural wool, you can gift it to your child or significant other without doubt that it won't itch, cause allergies or any other. The very opposite: they will find it adorable.

    (We would even suggest you to buy two, so you can keep one for yourself).

    Female Peruvian Doll with Valicha Dress (Peruvian Decor)

    "Valicha" is a Peruvian song. It was written by a Peruvian poet named Miguel Angel Hurtado Delgado to honour a young lady called Valeriana, who was the most beautiful woman in her town. Authors don't seem to agree whether Miguel and Valicha were lovers or whether the poet suffered from an infatuation; anyway, since 1950s Valicha has become one of the most renown songs written in Huayno in the 20th century.

    The dolls we sell here in Tinkuy feature the most popular attire people wear when they are about to dance Valicha. The lady wears a hat, a shawl, blouse and skirt, all of them adorned with embroidery and lively colours. The clothing of this Valicha dancer doll was made with the same techniques that are used to made the clothes of a real dancer.

    We strongly suggest buying it along with its male peer.

    Fluffy Alpaca Wool Teddy Bear (Peruvian Decor)

    Note: This alpaca wool teddy bear is 25 cm x 18 cm (9.8 in x 7 in)

    What you can see on this page is the fluffy version of our baby alpaca teddy bears. You can already see in the photo that it is nice and friendly, even for children, so let me tell you the rest.

    The first thing you must know is that this teddy bear is made of baby alpaca. This means that you would probably need to search for years before finding a softer teddy bear than this one. The second advantage of being made of baby alpaca is that it is anti-allergenic, even for babies (but just in case, confirm with your doctor before placing it next to your newborn, ok?).

    What else do you need to know? Just one more thing: that both your children and significant other will find this fluffy teddy bear adorable. Actually, you should buy two so you can keep one for yourself as well.

    Framed Chuto Peruvian Decor (Peruvian Decor)

    Chuto is one of the characters that dance during two traditional dances in Peru: the Tunantada and the Chonguinada. A Chuto resembles a jester. Its duty is to entertain the attendants while the main dancers move keep the beat of the European minuet… in a sarcastic way.

    This frame is small and it graciously combines several techniques. The background is made of Andean cloth. In front of it, there is another Andean cloth, but with a more lively combination of colours. In front of it, the Chutos are dancing. Around the whole frame, embossed metal makes this piece more enticing. We are sure your visitors will notice it and ask for it when they are in your living room.

    Framed Tumi Peruvian Decor (Peruvian Decor)

    In the old days, tumis were ceremonial knives. Its image represent Naylamp, one of the gods of Moche culture, and quite likely its main deity. Still today, tumis in Peru are a symbol of power. As a matter of fact, Peruvian rugby team is called the "Tumis."

    The wall décor we sell here are a full symbol of Peruvian culture. The background is made of cloth, and it resembles Peruvian flag. The main image of the tumi preserves all the detail of the original pieces of Moche culture, and they were embossed by hand by a quite proficient artisan. Its frame is made of wood and also contained an embossed metal border.

    Framed Wall Art with Real Butterflies (Peruvian Decor)

    Among the things that make Peru famous its biological diversity stands out. Peru is one of the countries with the largest variety of butterflies around the world, making our offer of framed sets of butterflies both exclusive and unique.

    The set you can see on this page is just one example. These butterflies were captured in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and gracefully placed in the glass frame you can see on this page. The frame is ready to be hanged on your wall. It is more of just a wall art: it can give your whole living room an at-mosphere of wildness and appreciation for the beauty of life.

    Hand-embroidered Jute Pillow (Peruvian Decor)

    At Tinkuy, we believe that natural products are the best option for any household that loves to be healthy. Therefore, our pillows are handmade, filled up with natural felt, and embroidered by hand with patience and love by our artisans. As you can clearly see on the photographs on the left, the finish is outstanding. This pillow looks nice, feels great, and respects the environment much more than any of its peers filled up with an oil derivative.

    We suggest buying them in sets. With five pillows you can liven up your sofa and a couple of armchairs. What is best, your visitors will not know where you got them from. Most décor stores do not sell similar items, and much less at this price.

    Hand-engraved Peruvian Gourd Ornament

    Peruvian artisans have shared generation upon generation a technique of working gourds that is still considered unique around the world. The name in Spanish is "mate burilado", and they are appreciated all over the world for their singularity and durability.

    The gourd you see here is large enough to be placed in your centre table and used as a bowl for small items, like your keys. However, the core of its value is in the beauty of its designs. The one you see here, for example, uses just three colours yet still captures many scenes that are common in the Andes mountains of Peru. You can see for example men shepherding their animals or women working in the field.

    The result is beautiful.

    Free Shipping only Today!!

    Huacon Mask (Peruvian Decor)

    In Junin, specially in a town named Mito, every January 1st, 2nd and 3rd there is town dance called "la Huaconada." During this dance, the most respectable men in the town are selected to behave as the "huacones" of the year, and, as such, they dance and become the authority of the town. The dance is over a thousand years old and recalls the council of elders that was carried out in Mito to decide the important matters of the town in the old days.

    Today the dance is performed in many towns, but all of them acknowledge the one in Mito as the main and original one.

    Now you can have one of this masks at home. The ones we sell preserve the traditional manufacturing process, so you can deem it an original mask. Hang it in one of your walls and enlighten your visitors with this tradition that has been shared generation upon generation for centuries. Leave them willing to travel to Mito for the next Huaconada. Get ready to inherit your mask to your son, as tradition demands, as well.

    Jute Pillow with Handmade Embroidery (Peruvian Decor)

    The pillow you see on the left is completely handmade. Its surface is made of jute; it is filled up with natural felt; and it was embroidered by hand with love and patience in the Peruvian Andes. The result becomes evident: a beautiful pillow you can show off at home every time someone comes to visit you.

    What is best about our pillows is that, as they are made of natural products, they feel great when you touch them. Buying them, you know you are helping the environment a bit, as you are not using a pillow that was filled up with an oil derivative.

    We suggest buying them in sets. With four pillows you can liven up your sofa and a couple of armchairs knowing that you will have something that cannot be found in a common store.

    Leather Chuto Mask (Peruvian Decor)

    This is a very special mask. It is the mask of a Chuto, one of the characters of the Tunantada dance of Peru. During the dance, there are a group of main dancers, called the "tunantes." They mimic the style of a European minuet, mocking how Spaniards used to dance it during the days of the vice-royalty.

    While they dance, the Chuto dances around, mocking the whole situation and inviting the attendants to laugh with him. The Chuto wears this mask during all the Tunantada, making this mask special.

    Buy this mask alone or together with the other Tunantada masks we sell to take home a full set. These masks will be a nice and different addition to your walls; and you will enjoy telling the story of the Tunantada to your guests when they come home.

    Lucky Elephant Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

    The elephant you see here was made from clay gathering all the good practices for a successful positive ritual at home. The elephant is slightly green to attract good vibes. It has its trunk upwards, a happy look and it is sitting down. You can see its offspring on one of its sides too.

    To make the best happen to you (or your household or your business), place the elephant in such position its trunk will be pointing inside. Some authors suggest that you should place a bill in the trunk on the 29th day of every month and replace it on the next 29th to attract richness as well.

    At Tinkuy, we promise that both whether you do or do not do a ritual, you will still receive this beautiful lucky elephant figurine safely at home in a protective box.

    Male Chonguinada Dancer - Peruvian Doll (Peruvian Decor)

    The "Chonguinada" is a traditional dance from the central Peruvian Andes, specifically from Junin. This dance satirizes one of the most renown European dances, the minuet, in a way that is at the same time nice and sarcastic. During the dance, a group of couples wear costumes of white people and dance minuet with Andean sounds while a jester, called "Chuto" mocks dancing around them while entertains the people around.

    This Peruvian doll features the attire a male wears during the dance. It could be used by your children to play or placed on your centre table as an ornament. We suggest buying it together with the Chuto doll so you can have a more complete scene at home.

    Male Peruvian Doll with Valicha Attire (Peruvian Decor)

    Here at Tinkuy, we like to sell items that are meaningful for those who make them and for their potential buyers. The one on this page features the look a male wears when he is about to dance a popular Huayno song called "Valicha." He wears a chullo hat, a hat (which can also be left floating behind your back), a shirt, a vest, pants and sandals. The clothes of this Valicha dancer doll was made with the same techniques that are used to made the clothes of a real one.

    As for "Valicha", the song, it is a Peruvian Huayno composed by a poet named Miguel Angel Hurtado Delgado to honour a lady called Valeriana, or Valicha, who was the most beautiful woman in her town. Authors don't seem to agree whether Miguel and Valicha were lovers or whether the poet suffered from an infatuation but it doesn't matter. Miguel still left us one of the most remarkable Huayno songs of the 20th century.

    Peruvian Chonguinada Mask for Men and Women (Peruvian Decor)

    The masks you see on this page are original masks from the Chonguinada dance. "La Chonguinada" is a traditional dance from the central Peruvian Andes. It has been performed for about 400 years, and it satirizes how Spaniard colonizers would dance the European minuet during the colony.

    These masks can be both worn and placed on your walls as ornaments. You can wear them along a suit or an Andean dress, and you will have the perfect Halloween costume in October! More importantly, you will have a piece of Peruvian tradition at home.

    Here we have both the man and woman mask. If you want the full set, then we strongly suggest you to check out the Chuto mask we also sell in the store. A Chonguinada is more Chonguinada with a Chuto mocking the dancers.

    Peruvian Doll with Chuto Attire (Peruvian Decor)

    During a "Chonguinada" dace, a group of couples satirize the European minuet, which was a very popular dance during the times in which Peru was a colony of Spain. While the couples danced, a man used to dance around them, mocking the dancers and making the attendants have fun in the process. This man is the Chuto, and this Peruvian doll honours him.

    The Chuto's attire resembles the one of a jester, and on purpose. It could be used by your children to play or placed on your centre table as an ornament. We suggest buying it together with the Chonguinada dancer doll so you can have the full set.

    Peruvian Doll with Huaylas Dress (Peruvian Decor)

    If you have been to Peru, then you should have certainly heard about Andean music or perhaps even seen Peruvian dance to their rhythm. One of the most lively dances is the Huaylas, a dance in which men court their women showing dexterity in the dance floor. Female movements are also lively during the dance, and they show off their dresses while subtly making eyes to their partners.

    This Peruvian doll features a replica of the dress a woman wears during the dance. Just like the original skirts, these dresses have embroidery work. An original handmade Huaylas dress may cost over 2000 US dollars. This replica costs, as you can see, a lot less.

    We suggest buying this Peruvian doll together with the Chonguinada dancer and the Chuto dancer. This way you can get a full set.

    Peruvian Doll with Tunantada Dress (Peruvian Decor)

    The Tunantada is a tradition in Junin. Every January 20th, there is a festival in which people remember, satirically, how centuries ago Spaniards came to found the town. That day, the viceroy came with an Argentinian man who sold donkeys, a Bolivian man who sold medicinal herbs, and his court, which ranged from white followers to Andean slaves.

    Perhaps the inhabitants found funny all the pomposity that came along with the viceroy. Soon after, they recreated the scene in the satirical dance that we now call the Tunantada. Once established, it was appointed for every January 20th, day of the patron of the town.

    This is one of the dresses women wear those days. It is handmade, adorned with embroidery, and includes a hat. During the Tunantada, women are after the viceroy, and one of them becomes his lover.

    This doll could be a nice ornament for your centre table. We suggest taking a look at the Chuto dancer so you can get a full set of Peruvian dolls.

    Peruvian Doll with Tunantada Dress and Headdress (Peruvian Decor)

    Dolls that feature traditional dresses are less popular, so this could be a unique gift for any woman, regardless of her age. If she is a girl, you can show her a bit of Peru and tell her the story of this tradition. If she is a grown woman, she will be glad to receive a traditional gift as present, specially after you tell her the story of the Tunantada.

    The Tunantada dance is a tradition in Junin, a region in the central Peruvian Andes mountains. Every 20th of January, people gather in a festival to remember how Spaniards came a few centuries ago to found the city. Mind, it is not a respectful ceremony. It is a satirical dance! That day, the viceroy came in person with his court of servants, a bunch of native slaves, an Argentinian man who sold donkeys and a Bolivian man who sold medicinal herbs. All the scene is recreated during the Tunantada.

    This is one of the dresses women wear that days. Both the original and this one are handmade and adorned with embroidery. The headdress is a modern addition to the original look.

    This doll could be a nice ornament for your centre table. We suggest taking a look at the Chuto dancer so you can get a full set of Peruvian dolls.

    Peruvian Gourd Art that Resemble Maracas

    This pair of Peruvian gourd ornaments are were engraved by hand in the Peruvian Andes. They represent some common scenes of the Andean life. You can see, for example, a woman walking along with a llama, with her baby under a clear night.

    They resemble a pair of maracas, but these gourds will not sound. They are just ornaments you can place on your centre table or some other area of your house or office.

    Our gourds are engraved by hand and properly processed to be made to last.

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    Peruvian Gourd Ornament with Owl Motif

    This Peruvian gourd ornament is special for two reasons: on the one hand, because it was made following the traditional techniques that have been taught generation upon generation in Peru; and on the other, because this gourd has been prepared to work as a cash-box as well.

    Peruvian gourds are unique in the world because its technique is different than the ones used by other gourd artisans around the world. They are made by hand, and often engraving common scenes from the Andes. This one is simple but nice. It may become a beautiful ornament both in your living room or in your kitchen; and, as it is made of a properly processed gourd, you can rest assured it was made to last.

    Free Shipping only today!!

    Peruvian Retablo with Nativity Scene (Peruvian Decor)

    Peruvian retablos are usually made in boxes. We offer a nice variant: a Peruvian retablo made in a large gourd. Once you open the retablo you will find a Nativity scene in two floors: at the bottom, a group of shepherds come to visit the newborn Christ, as the Bible recalls; and on top you can see baby Jesus Christ with his parents, Joseph and Mary, and some other shepherds who come to rejoice about his birth.

    The retablo is made inside a gourd, and its pieces are made of ceramics. Each piece has been painted by hand by our artisans. Each piece is glued to the gourd, completing the retablo you can see on the photograph.

    Given this is an artistic work, results may vary. We will send you a photograph of the retablo before shipping it, so you can make sure you will receive what you wanted.

    Peruvian Wall Plate with Andean Women Motif

    The wall plate you see on this page is a mix of techniques. The main plate was cast and painted with a copper colour. The main motif was painted and embedded on the plate, so you will feel a relief when you touch it. The borders you see in darker shade were painted too, but also flamed to give them the finish you can see on the photograph. The golden ornaments you see around the main area were embossed and embedded on the piece.

    The main motif is a set of three Andean women who sat down to work, like they often do in the Andes. Life in the highlands is relaxed compared to the one in the city, and this plate represents that very well.

    Free standar shipping for a limited time

    Peruvian White Carved Stone Llama Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

    Llamas are in fashion, so having a llama figurine at home will brighten up your life and cheer up your visitors. Further, more than one will ask you where you got it from.

    You can keep the secret if you like, but we still need to tell you ours about this product. First of all, it is handmade. Artisans will give you something unique, because they are not mass-produced. Next, it will be somewhat exclusive. This llama was carved from piedra de Huamanga, a type of alabaster that is usual in Peru but not-so-usual everywhere else. Last but not least, you should know you will receive it in great conditions. When you buy it, we use a special package to deliver it, so rest assured you will receive it in god conditions.

    Small Carved Stone Owl Figurines (Peruvian Decor)

    All the figurines you see here are small, made of piedra de Huamanga (a kind of alabaster that can be found in Peru), carved by hand and ready to be sold. Choose whether you take one, a pair, or a set of three or four owl figurines. Choose which ones in our confirmation e-mail. We will pick up the ones you chose and deliver it to you in a couple of business days.

    Please note that these are handmade figurines. The result may vary a bit from what you can see in the photographs right now, but rest assured the artisan will offer you a nice ornament for your living room.

    Streaked Carved Stone Owl Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

    This own was carved from naturally streaked stone from the Peruvian Andes mountains. The result stands out before your eyes. It looks pretty, polished… and unique. The fact we use streaked stone to make these owl figurines guarantees you will receive a unique product, as there is no way our artists can replicate exactly one figurine with another.

    Buy it today and you will receive it in a few days in an appropriate package that will prevent the little owl statue to receive damages.

    Traditional Peruvian Gourd with Bird Motif

    Peruvian gourds are different than their foreign peers. They are made following traditional techniques that are shared generation upon generation, and the result is unique pieces that are made to last and that feature Andean elements, traditions and the like.

    The one you can see here was made to resemble a bird. In its body you can see some elements of the life in the Andes, such as a llama or a traditional farmer woman. It will be a nice ornament for your house or office. What's best is that you will buy this gourd knowing you are buying an original Peruvian gourd, and not a modernized replica.

    Free Shipping only today!!

    White Carved Stone Dolphin Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

    Here you have a dolphin figurine which will be a great addition to your centre table. There is not much we can say about it in terms of beauty. You can already see it was delicately finished by the artisan who worked it. What you should know are two things: On the one hand, that this is a handmade product. Artisans spend a few days to take it from a rough piece of stone to the dolphin figurine you can see on your screen. On the other, that we deliver it with great care in a secure package that guarantees that you will receive the figurine intact.

    White Carved Stone Elephant Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

    Elephant figurines are known for brightening up living rooms and corridors alike. This piece will not be the exception. It was handmade carving piedra de Huamanga (a type of alabaster that is found in Peru), and you can already see it is a pretty product with a nice finish. All we need to add to this description is that, when you buy it, we will ship it to you in a protective box; so rest assured you will receive the figurine just as you see it on this page

    White Stone Elephant Figurine (Periuvian Decor)

    Here you have an elephant figurine that was not design to be yet another ornament in your living room, but something lively that will bring some new life to your home. This one was carved by hand in the Peruvian Andes from piedra de Huamanga, a type of alabaster that is common over there.

    Our artisans work each product by hand, so take for granted that you will receive a unique figurine.