Carved Stone Rabbit Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

The carved stone rabbit you see on this page was made of piedra de Huamanga, a type of white alabaster stone that is common in the Peruvian Andes mountains. It was carved by hand, so rest assured you will receive a unique item when you complete your purchase. From the photographs you can see the figurine has a polished finish, so rest assured this will be a great acquisition in your living room or centre table.

Ceramic Huacon Statuette (Peruvian Decor)

For over a thousand years, the inhabitants of Mito, in Junin, have performed the traditional Huaconada. Combining the wisdom of the sages of the town with the protection of the mystic condor, they dance for three days to remind everybody the importance of good behaviour all year round.

This ceramic statuette represents the modern look of a Huacon. You can see the mask that symbolizes at the same time the sage's and the condor's face; the cape that, in turn, symbolizes the nobleness of the wise men and the wings of the condor at the same time as well.

Here at Tinkuy we ensure that you will receive this ceramic Huacon statuette safely.

Lucky Elephant Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

The elephant you see here was made from clay gathering all the good practices for a successful positive ritual at home. The elephant is slightly green to attract good vibes. It has its trunk upwards, a happy look and it is sitting down. You can see its offspring on one of its sides too.

To make the best happen to you (or your household or your business), place the elephant in such position its trunk will be pointing inside. Some authors suggest that you should place a bill in the trunk on the 29th day of every month and replace it on the next 29th to attract richness as well.

At Tinkuy, we promise that both whether you do or do not do a ritual, you will still receive this beautiful lucky elephant figurine safely at home in a protective box.

Peruvian White Carved Stone Llama Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

Llamas are in fashion, so having a llama figurine at home will brighten up your life and cheer up your visitors. Further, more than one will ask you where you got it from.

You can keep the secret if you like, but we still need to tell you ours about this product. First of all, it is handmade. Artisans will give you something unique, because they are not mass-produced. Next, it will be somewhat exclusive. This llama was carved from piedra de Huamanga, a type of alabaster that is usual in Peru but not-so-usual everywhere else. Last but not least, you should know you will receive it in great conditions. When you buy it, we use a special package to deliver it, so rest assured you will receive it in god conditions.

Small Carved Stone Owl Figurines (Peruvian Decor)

All the figurines you see here are small, made of piedra de Huamanga (a kind of alabaster that can be found in Peru), carved by hand and ready to be sold. Choose whether you take one, a pair, or a set of three or four owl figurines. Choose which ones in our confirmation e-mail. We will pick up the ones you chose and deliver it to you in a couple of business days.

Please note that these are handmade figurines. The result may vary a bit from what you can see in the photographs right now, but rest assured the artisan will offer you a nice ornament for your living room.

Streaked Carved Stone Owl Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

This own was carved from naturally streaked stone from the Peruvian Andes mountains. The result stands out before your eyes. It looks pretty, polished… and unique. The fact we use streaked stone to make these owl figurines guarantees you will receive a unique product, as there is no way our artists can replicate exactly one figurine with another.

Buy it today and you will receive it in a few days in an appropriate package that will prevent the little owl statue to receive damages.

White Carved Stone Dolphin Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

Here you have a dolphin figurine which will be a great addition to your centre table. There is not much we can say about it in terms of beauty. You can already see it was delicately finished by the artisan who worked it. What you should know are two things: On the one hand, that this is a handmade product. Artisans spend a few days to take it from a rough piece of stone to the dolphin figurine you can see on your screen. On the other, that we deliver it with great care in a secure package that guarantees that you will receive the figurine intact.

White Carved Stone Elephant Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

Elephant figurines are known for brightening up living rooms and corridors alike. This piece will not be the exception. It was handmade carving piedra de Huamanga (a type of alabaster that is found in Peru), and you can already see it is a pretty product with a nice finish. All we need to add to this description is that, when you buy it, we will ship it to you in a protective box; so rest assured you will receive the figurine just as you see it on this page

White Stone Elephant Figurine (Periuvian Decor)

Here you have an elephant figurine that was not design to be yet another ornament in your living room, but something lively that will bring some new life to your home. This one was carved by hand in the Peruvian Andes from piedra de Huamanga, a type of alabaster that is common over there.

Our artisans work each product by hand, so take for granted that you will receive a unique figurine.