Huacon Mask (Peruvian Decor)

In Junin, specially in a town named Mito, every January 1st, 2nd and 3rd there is town dance called "la Huaconada." During this dance, the most respectable men in the town are selected to behave as the "huacones" of the year, and, as such, they dance and become the authority of the town. The dance is over a thousand years old and recalls the council of elders that was carried out in Mito to decide the important matters of the town in the old days.

Today the dance is performed in many towns, but all of them acknowledge the one in Mito as the main and original one.

Now you can have one of this masks at home. The ones we sell preserve the traditional manufacturing process, so you can deem it an original mask. Hang it in one of your walls and enlighten your visitors with this tradition that has been shared generation upon generation for centuries. Leave them willing to travel to Mito for the next Huaconada. Get ready to inherit your mask to your son, as tradition demands, as well.

Leather Chuto Mask (Peruvian Decor)

This is a very special mask. It is the mask of a Chuto, one of the characters of the Tunantada dance of Peru. During the dance, there are a group of main dancers, called the "tunantes." They mimic the style of a European minuet, mocking how Spaniards used to dance it during the days of the vice-royalty.

While they dance, the Chuto dances around, mocking the whole situation and inviting the attendants to laugh with him. The Chuto wears this mask during all the Tunantada, making this mask special.

Buy this mask alone or together with the other Tunantada masks we sell to take home a full set. These masks will be a nice and different addition to your walls; and you will enjoy telling the story of the Tunantada to your guests when they come home.

Peruvian Chonguinada Mask for Men and Women (Peruvian Decor)

The masks you see on this page are original masks from the Chonguinada dance. "La Chonguinada" is a traditional dance from the central Peruvian Andes. It has been performed for about 400 years, and it satirizes how Spaniard colonizers would dance the European minuet during the colony.

These masks can be both worn and placed on your walls as ornaments. You can wear them along a suit or an Andean dress, and you will have the perfect Halloween costume in October! More importantly, you will have a piece of Peruvian tradition at home.

Here we have both the man and woman mask. If you want the full set, then we strongly suggest you to check out the Chuto mask we also sell in the store. A Chonguinada is more Chonguinada with a Chuto mocking the dancers.

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