Framed Chuto Peruvian Decor (Peruvian Decor)

Chuto is one of the characters that dance during two traditional dances in Peru: the Tunantada and the Chonguinada. A Chuto resembles a jester. Its duty is to entertain the attendants while the main dancers move keep the beat of the European minuet… in a sarcastic way.

This frame is small and it graciously combines several techniques. The background is made of Andean cloth. In front of it, there is another Andean cloth, but with a more lively combination of colours. In front of it, the Chutos are dancing. Around the whole frame, embossed metal makes this piece more enticing. We are sure your visitors will notice it and ask for it when they are in your living room.

Framed Tumi Peruvian Decor (Peruvian Decor)

  • Weight: 831 grams / 1.83 lbs
  • Width: 24 cm / 9.4"
  • Height: 47 cm / 18.5"
  • Depth: 3 cm / 1.2"
  • Wood frame
  • Peruvian cloth background
  • Metal border in the front

In the old days, tumis were ceremonial knives. Its image represent Naylamp, one of the gods of Moche culture, and quite likely its main deity. Still today, tumis in Peru are a symbol of power.

The wall decor we sell here is a full symbol of Peruvian culture. The background is made of cloth, and it resembles Peruvian flag. The main image of the tumi preserves all the detail of the original pieces of Moche culture. Its frame is made of wood and also contained an embossed metal border.

Framed Wall Art with Real Butterflies (Peruvian Decor)

  • Weight: 776 grams / 1.7 lbs
  • Width: 22 cm / 8.7"
  • Height: 31 cm / 12.2"
  • Depth: 3 cm / 1.2"
  • Wood frame
  • Real butterflies

Among the things that make Peru famous its biological diversity stands out. Peru is one of the countries with the largest variety of butterflies around the world, making our offer of framed sets of butterflies both exclusive and unique.

These butterflies were captured in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and gracefully placed in the glass frame you can see on this page. The frame is ready to be hanged on your wall. It can give your whole living room an at-mosphere of wildness and appreciation for the beauty of life.

Huacon Mask (Peruvian Decor)

In Junin, specially in a town named Mito, every January 1st, 2nd and 3rd there is town dance called "la Huaconada." During this dance, the most respectable men in the town are selected to behave as the "huacones" of the year, and, as such, they dance and become the authority of the town. The dance is over a thousand years old and recalls the council of elders that was carried out in Mito to decide the important matters of the town in the old days.

Today the dance is performed in many towns, but all of them acknowledge the one in Mito as the main and original one.

Now you can have one of this masks at home. The ones we sell preserve the traditional manufacturing process, so you can deem it an original mask. Hang it in one of your walls and enlighten your visitors with this tradition that has been shared generation upon generation for centuries. Leave them willing to travel to Mito for the next Huaconada. Get ready to inherit your mask to your son, as tradition demands, as well.

Peruvian Chonguinada Mask for Men and Women (Peruvian Decor)

The masks you see on this page are original masks from the Chonguinada dance. "La Chonguinada" is a traditional dance from the central Peruvian Andes. It has been performed for about 400 years, and it satirizes how Spaniard colonizers would dance the European minuet during the colony.

These masks can be both worn and placed on your walls as ornaments. You can wear them along a suit or an Andean dress, and you will have the perfect Halloween costume in October! More importantly, you will have a piece of Peruvian tradition at home.

Here we have both the man and woman mask. If you want the full set, then we strongly suggest you to check out the Chuto mask we also sell in the store. A Chonguinada is more Chonguinada with a Chuto mocking the dancers.

Peruvian Wall Plate with Andean Women Motif

The wall plate you see on this page is a mix of techniques. The main plate was cast and painted with a copper colour. The main motif was painted and embedded on the plate, so you will feel a relief when you touch it. The borders you see in darker shade were painted too, but also flamed to give them the finish you can see on the photograph. The golden ornaments you see around the main area were embossed and embedded on the piece.

The main motif is a set of three Andean women who sat down to work, like they often do in the Andes. Life in the highlands is relaxed compared to the one in the city, and this plate represents that very well.

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