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Peruvian Doll with Chuto Attire


The Peruvian doll on this page features the look a male wears when he is about to dance a popular named "Chonguinada" dance, while the couples dance, a man use to dance around them, mocking the dancers and making the attendants have fun in the process. This man is the Chuto, and this Peruvian doll honours him.

It could be used by your children to play or to decorate your home. We suggest buying it together with the other "Chonguinada" dancers dolls so you can have the full set.

  • - Weight: 377 grams / 0.83 lb
  • - Width: 10 cm / 4"
  • - High: 35 cm / 13.7"
  • - Depth: 5 cm / 2"
  • - Free shipping