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Peruvian Retablo with Nativity Scene


Peruvian retablos are usually made in boxes. We offer a nice variant: a Peruvian retablo made in a large gourd. Once you open the retablo you will find a Nativity scene in two floors: at the bottom, a group of shepherds come to visit the newborn Christ, as the Bible recalls; and on top you can see baby Jesus Christ with his parents, Joseph and Mary, and some other shepherds who come to rejoice about his birth.

The retablo is made inside a gourd, and its pieces are made of ceramics. Each piece has been painted by hand by our artisans. Each piece is glued to the gourd, completing the retablo you can see on the photograph.

Given this is an artistic work, results may vary. We will send you a photograph of the retablo before shipping it, so you can make sure you will receive what you wanted.

  • - Weight: 351 grams / 0.77 lbs
  • - Height: 20 cm / 8"
  • - Width: 18 cm / 7"
  • - Length: 18 cm / 7"