Profile view of the hand-knit alpaca beret for women. You can easily notice the beauty of the popcorn stitch.

Popcorn-Style Wool Beret for Women



At last a winter cap that is at the same time warm, great-looking and high quality too. The one you see here is made 100% of baby alpaca wool, one of the finest natural fibres available in the world.

Why buy it? First of all because it looks great. Not many women out there will find and wear a beret of this style, so you can buy it being sure you will one of the very few who has this in her wardrobe.

Next, because it was handmade. This gives the product a special value. Further, if you want, you can write to us and request a special beret. We will ask our artisans to knit it for you.

Last but not least, because it is baby alpaca wool. After cashmere and vicuña, baby alpaca is the finest wool you will find out there.

As you may see, the result is beautiful. It looks very feminine, very modern and very casual at the same time.

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