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Crafted Leather Wallet Purse with Andean Boho Chic Detail




The wallets are very practical! Do you know why? The answer is very simple: Are small; if you buy one, you will never have to carry large and annoying bags again. Also, it are cheaper than other accessories.

Have you ever wondered how your wallet is produced? Probably, it's passed for an industrial process that pollutes the environment. At Tinkuy, we take care that our products do not cause environmental damage. Therefore, the wallets of this page were handmade by Andean artisans, who worked with care and love each part of the process.

This Peruvian wallet was handmade with leather and their colorful weave with the best sheep wool. The artisans worked all the process of production, from obtaining leather to design.

Do not forget! There are three different colors available to buy, choose your favorite.

  • - Height: 10.5 centimeters / 4 inches
  • - Width: 14.5 centimeters / 5.7 inches