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Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear


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The teddy bear you see here is inspired in the Andean spectacled bear, the most common in this are. Spectacled bear have less hair around the snout, this is why this teddy bear has a clean face too. In real life, spectacled bears are black and they are also considered a vulnerable species, that is, it is getting in risk of extinction.

Buying this teddy bear, you will be able to help raise awareness about the problem too.

Nature apart, you should know that this teddy is made of 100% alpaca wool. This means it is really soft at touch, quite likely, this one will be the softest teddy bear you will ever have in your hands.

Alpaca teddies are anti-allergenic too. As it is natural wool, you can gift it to your child or significant other without doubt that it won't itch, cause allergies or any other. The very opposite: they will find it adorable.

  • - Weight: 133 grams / 0.29 lb
  • - Width: 18 cm / 7"
  • - High: 25 cm / 9.8"
  • - Depth: 12 cm / 4.7"