When Tinkuy was created we wanted to focus in all the products made by baby alpaca wool and home Peruvian decor. We worked with women from Jauja’s prison and rural artisans in Peru. They knitted pieces of clothing with baby alpaca wool, the final results were high quality handmade products. We gave them an opportunity to start again and earn some money for their families. With this antecedent we now help and work with more people.


Many artisans don't have access to the internet or don’t know how to sell their products in a website. Knowing this situation Tinkuy offer them the chance to show their products in our website and have the opportunity to sell their precious pieces.

We give them the chance to expand their vision, arrive to other countries. Tinkuy is a word in Quechua (the Andes language), this word means “Meeting point” and this is exactly what we are for all our sellers and customers, because in Tinkuy they can have an interaction and get a handmade world in our platform.

We are the bridge between the producers, sellers and customers around the world. We are the marketplace in which they can show their work and make sales because this is what they do and thanks to your purchase done, so they can support their families.


Tinkuy is an eco-friendly enterprise, which means that we are committed to care for the environment. We want to help our planet by reducing the pollution. The handmade production is less aggressive with the environment than the massive production. Tinkuy believes that is possible for a company to be sustainable, which is why day by day we strive to be sustainable.

Likewise we have a commitment with all our sellers because their well-being is our greatest concern that is why we provide them with all the tools that are at our disposal so that they can grow as artisans and entrepreneurs, achieve to export of their products, and that more countries get their manufactured products.

At Tinkuy you will find manufactures as clothes, fabrics, shoes, decoration, crafts and more pieces made by Peruvian producers. There is a huge variety of products, if you want to get something nice, high quality and handmade, Tinkuy is the best choice for you.


Restauración 1403, Breña, Lima, Peru. 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 20185 Houston, TX 77043 USA.


+1 (347) 702-2793

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