Front view of our basic baby alpaca teddy bear. It is extremely soft.
Back view of our basic baby alpaca teddy bear.

Classic Teddy Bear in Baby Alpaca Wool



Here you have the classic teddy bear you have been looking for, but with two extras that you were probably not expecting! First of all, it is not made of plastic. This one is made of one of the softest natural wools available in the world: baby alpaca. If you had it in your hands now, and I told you that touching this baby alpaca teddy is like touching a cloud, you would know I am not exaggerating.

And there is a second advantage about buying a natural wool teddy bear: it is anti-allergenic. As it is natural wool, you can gift it to your child or significant other without doubt that it won't itch, cause allergies or any other. The very opposite: they will find it adorable.

(We would even suggest you to buy two, so you can keep one for yourself).

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