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Lace Alpaca Sweater for Women



The product you are seeing here is a alpaca sweater for women. It has slight lace stitches all over the design to make it look more classy and feminine.

The sweater was made using only fine alpaca wool. Did you know we only sell handmade sweaters in our store? Certainly, that makes this product even more valuable.

What is alpaca like? How I wish you could have this product in your hands now. You would feel it consistent and soft, made to keep its owner really warm, because Peruvian alpaca wool is really warming.

  • - Weight: 569 grams / 1.25 lbs
  • - 100% alpaca wool
  • - Handmade
  • - Made in Peru
  • - Available in all sizes
  • - If you wish, adapt size to your requirements contacting us
  • - Free Shipping