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Peruvian Gourd Art that Resemble Maracas




This pair of Peruvian gourd ornaments were engraved by hand in the Peruvian Andes. They represent some common scenes of the Andean life. You can see, for example, a woman walking along with a llama, with her baby under a clear night.

They resemble a pair of maracas, but these gourds will not sound. These painted gourds are versatile since you can use them in different places for example in your car, bedroom, room and even in your bathroom. You will impress many with a limited edition artwork.

  • - Weight: 112 grams / 0.25 lbs
  • - Height: 15 cm / 6"
  • - Width: 8 cm / 3"
  • - Length: 8 cm / 3"
  • - Free shipping