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Women Leather Backpack Boho Style


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This leather boho chic backpack is so versatile because you can use it for work, classes or travel days. Additionally, their color is trendy now.

All creation process was by hand with collaboration of Ayacucho artisans. Has a spacious compartment, an interior pocket with zipper, two lateral pockets and two cell phone cases and in front there a handicraft tapestry that was inspired in the boho style.

If you buy this cute product, you will not meet someone have one backpack equal, would get a backpack unique; the artisans create only one item of each model. So you will be the envy of all.

  • - Weight: 455 grams / 1 lb
  • - Backpack: 12.5" H x 10.5" W x 5.5" D
  • - Backpack: 32cm H x 27cm W x 14cm D
  • - Made with pure leather
  • - Hand-woven tapestry
  • - Interior fabric of cotton
  • - Mobile phone holder inside
  • - Interior pocket with zipper.
  • - Style: Satchel backpack