Day by day news about companies who exploited their employees appear on TV. It is so frequent that nobody makes a complaint. Furthermore, they even say it is worker's fault by continue working in that situation.In clothing industry is worst. Focus on increasing their wallets and benefits, chiefs take advantage of employees' ignorance and offer them a minimum salary and more working hours. Business are business they say. Abuse is the real answer.

We have to be clear: men and women in the Andes do not have the same profits as those who live in the capital. That is why companies search for cheap labour force in this area.


So, tired of seeing sweatshops are getting more common nowadays, we decided to do something. And by "we", I am talking about Tinkuy.

Tinkuy (which means "meeting point" in Quechua, the Andes' language) was born in 2016 in order to give a new working option. We offer a variety of baby alpaca clothing and home Peruvian decor, with customized designs for all the tastes, made by the hands of these courageous persons. And we recognize their strength and sacrifice by the time we pay them.

As I say, their artworks are based on baby alpaca material. This is one of the most exclusive and luxurious fibers that also can be durable, lofty, soft and warm. If you are tired of cashmere, which has been proved is environmentally catastrophic, alpaca fiber must be your next choice. Moreover, as an ecofriendly company I am honor to say we are, we believe in not using machines or technology for the products. We think this handmade production make a connection between the artisan and his work.

And if you ever have troubles to find your right size, do not worry anymore, you can ask for a tailor-made garments. And we will glad to make your alpaca's dream come true.

Tinkuy continues growing straight with his employees in the name of ethic, justice and truth.

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