About Tinkuy

If you have ever heard the word "sweatshop", then you already know there are many companies out there that, in order to maximize profits for their shareholders, are capable of even tyrannizing their employees. In the world of crafts things may not be that extreme, but you can still see now and then how some companies, even some so-called "fair trade" companies, approach craftsmen and -women in the Andes to ask them to make products for them at wholesale or discount prices.

Once the artisans deliver their artworks (did you notice I did not say "their products?"), they resell them with huge profit margins.

That is not "just business." It is a clear abuse of artisans' time, good taste and technique…

Tired of seeing that, we decided to do something about it.

Tinkuy (which means "meeting point" in Quechua, by the way) was born in 2016 to offer you three things:

- Incredible hand-knit baby alpaca winter clothing and accessories
- Beautiful handmade crafts made with love in Peru
- Our most solemn oath that we will never underpay an artisan for business

We not only think that is the proper way to do business with handmade products: we want craftsmen to get used to finding people willing to pay for what they ask for with a smile, without asking for discounts or wholesale prices on their art.

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