Baby Alpaca Beanie for Women (Clothing)

If you are on this page it is to find a beanie. Well, let me suggest you to stop looking. Winter is coming, and you need a winter hat that will effectively cover your head from the freezing temperatures of the coldest winter days.

Why this one? Because it is made of baby alpaca wool, one of the warmest natural fibres available in the world. This beanie will not only look great on your head but also prove that you appreciate good clothes and accessories wherever you go. Add to that baby alpaca is soft and warm and soon your friends will be asking you where did you get your winter hat.

As if that weren't enough, take a look at its design. This beanie was handmade in the Peruvian Andes mountains. It has normal stitches and chains graciously combined to give this hat a quite feminine casual look. This is a beanie you can use every day.

  • 100% baby alpaca wool.
  • Eco friendly cloth.
  • Handmade production.
  • Feminine casual look.
Baby Alpaca Chullo With Earflaps (Clothing)

Looking for a chullo hat? Tell me what do you think about this baby alpaca wool chullo made in Peru after I tell you a few details:

First things first, this chullo was made 100% of baby alpaca wool. Add to that this product was hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes mountains, and you will agree with me we could start considering this a luxury chullo hat (despite the fact the price we ask is not really high).

Let's add to that that it is soft as a feather. If you could have it in your hands now, you wouldn't believe what you would be feeling. Baby alpaca is soft and consistent at the same time. Soft at touch, but heavy enough to know that this will keep your head warm no matter how cold is outside.

Lastly, let's talk about the design. This chullo hat uses a delicate mix of stitches to make it look feminine, and the earflaps even helps it look a bit girly. So go ahead, buy it and start thinking on how you are going to combine it when you go to study or work.

  • 100% baby alpaca wool.
  • Ecofriendly cloth.
  • Handmade production.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors.
Baby Alpaca Scarf (Clothing)

Scarves are basic during winter… and you will want a scarf that is warm, soft and comfortable as well —that is, that will not itch while you wear it. Baby alpaca scarves fulfil easily these requirements because its wool is anti-allergenic, warn and very consistent. Moreover, baby alpaca is considered among the finest in the world; and here we offer products that are made to stand the test of time.

The one you see here, for example, was hand-knit. We added a few pompoms in the edges so it could feel and look more Peruvian, but you can remove them easily in case you don't like them. You can request a scarf in any of the colours we have available, and with or without the pompoms. For more specific scarves, please contact us. As we work straight with the artisans, we can offer you a tailored baby alpaca scarf, if that is what you want.

Chain Cable Baby Alpaca Poncho for Women (Clothing)

What you see here is a beautiful and warm baby alpaca poncho for women. Baby alpaca wool is considered one of the finest natural fibres on earth, so we sincerely hope you are considering buying this. It would be a great miss if you didn't.

Let me tell you two details about this poncho that don't appear on the photographs. One of them is that the poncho is handmade —yes, you read that right: hand-knit. The other is that this poncho is very, very soft: 100% baby alpaca wool from the Peruvian Andes mountains. If you had it in your hands now, you would be asking yourself if you are not touching a cloud because it is that soft.

The design has chain cables and chopped ribs. It looks quite good, and you have some colors to choose from. Do you like it? Buy it! As soon as you get it at home you will notice that besides being soft, it is also consistent. That is because alpaca fibres stay close together to protect the animal from the freezing temperatures of the Peruvian Andes.

  • 100% baby alpaca fleece.
  • Eco friendly cloth.
  • Suitable for each contexture.
  • You can adapt to your own design by making contact with our tailored knitting service.
Fingerless Baby Alpaca Gloves for Women (Clothing)

What you can see on this page is a nice combination of tradition and modernity. These fingerless gloves are comfortable enough for everyday activities, but they were hand-knit taking into account a design that reminds the fashion of the 1920s.

The wool is 100% baby alpaca. This means that these fingerless gloves will be very warm in your hands (alpacas are used to wandering at the freezing temperatures of the Peruvian Andes mountains). They will be soft too. Those who buy baby alpaca accessories for the first time often end up wondering how can this fibre be so soft. That is because baby alpaca is really fine and consistent.

The design is feminine, as you may see. It combines the fisherman's rib with cable patterns along the glove softly, so the product will look delicate but sophisticated.

Fluffy Alpaca Wool Teddy Bear (Peruvian Decor)

Note: This alpaca wool teddy bear is 25 cm x 18 cm (9.8 in x 7 in)

What you can see on this page is the fluffy version of our baby alpaca teddy bears. You can already see in the photo that it is nice and friendly, even for children, so let me tell you the rest.

The first thing you must know is that this teddy bear is made of baby alpaca. This means that you would probably need to search for years before finding a softer teddy bear than this one. The second advantage of being made of baby alpaca is that it is anti-allergenic, even for babies (but just in case, confirm with your doctor before placing it next to your newborn, ok?).

What else do you need to know? Just one more thing: that both your children and significant other will find this fluffy teddy bear adorable. Actually, you should buy two so you can keep one for yourself as well.

Framed Tumi Peruvian Decor (Peruvian Decor)

In the old days, tumis were ceremonial knives. Its image represent Naylamp, one of the gods of Moche culture, and quite likely its main deity. Still today, tumis in Peru are a symbol of power. As a matter of fact, Peruvian rugby team is called the "Tumis."

The wall décor we sell here are a full symbol of Peruvian culture. The background is made of cloth, and it resembles Peruvian flag. The main image of the tumi preserves all the detail of the original pieces of Moche culture, and they were embossed by hand by a quite proficient artisan. Its frame is made of wood and also contained an embossed metal border.

Framed Wall Art with Real Butterflies (Peruvian Decor)

Among the things that make Peru famous its biological diversity stands out. Peru is one of the countries with the largest variety of butterflies around the world, making our offer of framed sets of butterflies both exclusive and unique.

The set you can see on this page is just one example. These butterflies were captured in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and gracefully placed in the glass frame you can see on this page. The frame is ready to be hanged on your wall. It is more of just a wall art: it can give your whole living room an at-mosphere of wildness and appreciation for the beauty of life.

Handmade Faux V-neck Baby Alpaca Sweater (Clothing)

This sweater is great if you want to wear it along with a scarf. Its long faux V-neck will define and highlight the scarf you are wearing; its cable and diamond patterns make it look casual yet fine, for everyday use yet still stylish.

Like every other sweater we sell here at Tinkuy, this is a 100% baby alpaca wool that was fleeced, naturally processed and hand-knit in the Peruvian Andes mountains (without hurting any animal, by the way). We work straight with the artisans who make the products you see here, so you can buy them straight from this shop or visit our page of tailored requests to get a customised baby alpaca sweater.

Long 100% Baby Alpaca Cardigan Coat (Clothing)

This is one of our basic coats. It is a long baby alpaca wool cardigan coat with metallic buttons, hand-knit with diamond patterns in the Peruvian Andes.

If you could have it in your hands now, you would feel it soft but solid. As it is baby alpaca wool (guaranteed) it won't "itch" or cause any other kind of discomfort. The very opposite, you may find this coat is one of the softest and most comfortable winter clothes you have ever tried on. That's exactly what baby alpaca wool offers its users.

At Tinkuy we can guarantee you this coat is made 100% of baby alpaca wool. We know the artisans in person. Further, you can ask them to weave a specific alpaca coat for you by using our tailored alpaca knitting service.

Long Woven Baby Alpaca Cardigan (Clothing)

Alpaca coats are fine, but when we talk about handmade coats or cardigans, their baby alpaca peers are much better. This long baby alpaca cardigan is the perfect proof of this statement. It is made of 100% Peruvian baby alpaca wool, knitted with cable and fisherman's rib stitches. If you could have it in your hands you would feel it soft as a cloud yet solid —even heavy. Needless to say you would find it beautiful too.

When you wear this long cardigan, cold goes (and stays!) away. Wool helps alpacas survive the cold of the Andes, so imagine what it can do for you during a cold winter evening. Baby alpaca is a fine natural fibre. Just give it the proper care, and it will stand the test of time in your closet.

At Tinkuy we guarantee you this product does not mix baby alpaca wool with any other fibre. We work straight with the artisans without middlemen. Thus, if you ever wish to buy a long cardigan with certain specifications, please use our tailored knitting service.

Lucky Elephant Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

The elephant you see here was made from clay gathering all the good practices for a successful positive ritual at home. The elephant is slightly green to attract good vibes. It has its trunk upwards, a happy look and it is sitting down. You can see its offspring on one of its sides too.

To make the best happen to you (or your household or your business), place the elephant in such position its trunk will be pointing inside. Some authors suggest that you should place a bill in the trunk on the 29th day of every month and replace it on the next 29th to attract richness as well.

At Tinkuy, we promise that both whether you do or do not do a ritual, you will still receive this beautiful lucky elephant figurine safely at home in a protective box.

Overlaying Felt Handbag (Accessories)

Note: This handbag is 42 cm x 22 cm (16.5 in x 8.6 in)

The handbag you see here is made of felt, and decorated by hand. We consider it a craftwork here at the store. The artisan got pieces of felt of different colours and built tiny terraces all over the surface of this bag. The result speaks for itself: you get a beautiful felt handbag ideal for your winter shopping days.

Inside, the bag has lining, two small pockets and a zipper to close it. It is big enough to get noticed but small enough to be taken everywhere without bothering you. This felt bag is a great option for you, and we have two similar options in the store you may want to take a look at too.

Our suggestion is to take one of each, of course.

Peruvian Doll with Huaylas Dress (Peruvian Decor)

If you have been to Peru, then you should have certainly heard about Andean music or perhaps even seen Peruvian dance to their rhythm. One of the most lively dances is the Huaylas, a dance in which men court their women showing dexterity in the dance floor. Female movements are also lively during the dance, and they show off their dresses while subtly making eyes to their partners.

This Peruvian doll features a replica of the dress a woman wears during the dance. Just like the original skirts, these dresses have embroidery work. An original handmade Huaylas dress may cost over 2000 US dollars. This replica costs, as you can see, a lot less.

We suggest buying this Peruvian doll together with the Chonguinada dancer and the Chuto dancer. This way you can get a full set.

Peruvian Gourd Art that Resemble Maracas

This pair of Peruvian gourd ornaments are were engraved by hand in the Peruvian Andes. They represent some common scenes of the Andean life. You can see, for example, a woman walking along with a llama, with her baby under a clear night.

They resemble a pair of maracas, but these gourds will not sound. They are just ornaments you can place on your centre table or some other area of your house or office.

Our gourds are engraved by hand and properly processed to be made to last.

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Peruvian Wall Plate with Andean Women Motif

The wall plate you see on this page is a mix of techniques. The main plate was cast and painted with a copper colour. The main motif was painted and embedded on the plate, so you will feel a relief when you touch it. The borders you see in darker shade were painted too, but also flamed to give them the finish you can see on the photograph. The golden ornaments you see around the main area were embossed and embedded on the piece.

The main motif is a set of three Andean women who sat down to work, like they often do in the Andes. Life in the highlands is relaxed compared to the one in the city, and this plate represents that very well.

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Peruvian White Carved Stone Llama Figurine (Peruvian Decor)

Llamas are in fashion, so having a llama figurine at home will brighten up your life and cheer up your visitors. Further, more than one will ask you where you got it from.

You can keep the secret if you like, but we still need to tell you ours about this product. First of all, it is handmade. Artisans will give you something unique, because they are not mass-produced. Next, it will be somewhat exclusive. This llama was carved from piedra de Huamanga, a type of alabaster that is usual in Peru but not-so-usual everywhere else. Last but not least, you should know you will receive it in great conditions. When you buy it, we use a special package to deliver it, so rest assured you will receive it in god conditions.

Tear Drop Baby Alpaca Jumper for Women (Clothing)

We call this sweater "tear drop" because that is the name of one of the patterns it features. The other pattern is a variant of the zigzaw lace, which the artisan gracefully combined to give this jumper the refined look you see on this photo.

Purchasing this alpaca sweater means getting a luxury item at a fraction of the cost. Alpaca wool is soft, comfortable and anti-allergenic; and this jumper is made of its most luxurious variation: baby alpaca wool only.

As if that weren't enough, it is a handmade sweater. Anyone in your area will know where you got it from. You would have to search a lot to find someone else wearing this jumper on your favourite social network. Just give it the proper care, and it will last for years.

Traditional Huancavelica Hat - Right from Peru (Accessories)

Huancavelica hats are a tradition in the southern Peruvian Andes. They are festive hats, made by festive people, for sunny women. In short, Huancavelica hats are bowler hats for women with raised brim on the sides and many small ornaments on top.

The one we sell is made of 100% sheep wool felt and bears plastic ornaments, so it is lightweight and made to last. Whether or not you have been to Peru (yet), this hat is a hat your friends will rarely have seen before, if ever! Be the first among your friends to combine it with a casual look.

V-Neck 100% Baby Alpaca Cardigan (Clothing)

If you could touch this cardigan right from your screen (how we wish you could!), you would be feeling a soft (but heavy!) cardigan made 100% of baby alpaca wool in the Peruvian Andes.

The design includes thick cable patterns along the chest and the arms to make this cardigan elegant, but still suitable for everyday use. The one you can see here has wooden buttons, but you may also order one using metal, horn-rimmed or plastic buttons using our tailored cardigan knitting service.

Baby alpaca wool is really fine, making this cardigan a great option for a gift. It is suitable for everybody, although we suggest it for adults over thirty-five years old.

V-Neck Baby Alpaca Sweater for Men (Clothing)

Here a baby alpaca sweater for men that is great for autumn and winter alike. It is a V-neck, so you can show off your favourite shirt; its design is suitable for people of all ages; and the price is just right considering you are buying a handmade sweater made just for you with one of the finest natural fibres around the world: baby alpaca.

Just for you? Yes, sir. Buy this sweater, and we will let you send us your measurements, so our craftsmen can knit a new sweater just for you. You can request a few modifications to the design too.

As for this sweater, the design was made with honeycomb stitches and just a couple of lines of double cable knitting pattern so it won't look dull.

This sweater was hand-knit in Peru. We sell and ship from there. If you had it in your hands now, you would feel it soft. That's because baby alpaca wool is consistent. These animals live in very cold areas of the Andes mountains and their wool is ready for that weather. You will notice the difference.

You can request a few modifications to the design. Just contact our tailored knitting service.

  • 100% baby alpaca.
  • Eco friendly sweater.
  • Honeycomb and cable hand knitted jumper.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors.